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Q: Did Dwyane Wade give his wife std?
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Does Dwyane Wade have a STD?


Did Tiger Woods give his wife a STD?


Can thongs give you a STD?

Thongs won't give you a std.

Can a man divorce his wife if she has an STD?

Probably, as a STD infection is a sign of infidelity.

Your wife has an odor from her vagina and the mucus is a little thicker and yellow could this be a STD?

Yes it can be a STD. You and your wife need to be tested.

If you have an STD can you give someone a different STD the you have?

Yes you should get check and cleared until then so sexual intercourse!

Is it justice for a wife finding out that her husbands mistress has STD and never told him?

As long as he didn't pass that STD on to his wife. But oh yeah, Karma rules.

Can you give an STD if you have one?

You can give an STD That Sexually Transmitted Disease if you have one to any one you have sex with. If you know you have an STD it is your moral responsibility to not engage in sex until you have remedied the problem.

What not to give your boyfriend on Valentine's Day?

an std

Can a male give an std to himself?

Not really...

Can you aquire aids through breast feeding?

If you have An STD you can give whoever you are breast feeding the STD, yes.

Does having an STD give you immunity for life?

no man, it's not a chicken pocks, you get an std every time you chose to have unprotected sex with someone who has std

Does a male have to already have an STD to give it to the female?


What std give a man bombs and scratches on his penis?

I think you mean bumps. Herpes is the most STD that can give these symptoms on a man's penis. See a doctor.

Can a female give a male an std from sleeping with him twice?


Can you Give some example of notice std 7?


Are there vaccines to prevent STD?

There are too many STD to prepare vaccines for. You should refrain from promiscuous sexual contacts. You must use the condom when not husband and wife.

What lifesyles can give you cancer?

One lifestyle that can give you cancer is getting the STD called HPV.

Can you give your partner an std if you slept with someone the day before?


Can you donate a kidney if you have an std?

No..Just like you can't give blood..

Can swallowing semen make you gain weight?

No, but it could give you an STD.

What a guy would give a girl?

Anything from an STD to a luxury yacht. He could give her happnest if she just give him a chance.

If a man has an STD does it mean he has been unfaithful to his wife?

Not necessarily. If he has an STD, that does not mean he got it from sleeping around. He could have had it from birth (his parents) or he could have gotten it from a girl before he was married.

What STD did Rihanna give Chris Brown?

rihanna did not give chris brown std they had got into a fight and every thing else is a lie so do not belive what they say they are some lieing b***H'S

Is it safe to eat your wife's bloody pussy?

hi yes it safe unless she have a STD or STI then u get it