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Q: Did Dwayne'The Rock'Johnson go back to being a wrestler?
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Wwe tribute music?

Mostly for people who want a certain wrestler back. or for a lost wrestler.

Did wrestler Maven break his back?


What did wrestler tripple h injure?

His back and neck.

Will kamala come back to WWE?

I doubt he will as a wrestler.

Will hbk come back to WWE?

No,he's not comming back he wants to have his life back without begin a wrestler

Did kevin Nash wwe wrestler die?

no he is coming back

What did rey misterio did when he was not a wrestler?

laid back and smoke a blunt or two

Is WWE wrestler Ashley going to wrestle back in the WWE in 2009?


Is batista retiering?

batista is back he is my favorite wrestler in the whole world i hope he kills randy orton for puntting him on the skull. batista is back he is my favorite wrestler in the whole world i hope he kills randy orton for puntting him on the skull.

Is eugine comes back to the WWE?

well i no eugine is a crappy wrestler and its 99000-1 that eugine will come back.

When is Jericho planning on coming back?

He's with his band, they are trying to become more well-know, with non-wrestling fans. He's a good singer and couldn't be a rockstar and a wrestler full-time, if he tried. It takes up more time than he has, if he contiues to be a wrestler and rockstar, at the same time. That's not to say, that he'll never return. If he loves being a wrestler, enough, he'll be back, but not in the near future.AnswerNEVER :( yes he is :)

Is Sean O Haire coming back to the WWE and is he a good wrestler?

yes he is

Will Jeff hardy be back in 2010?

maybe he is a great wrestler an he is the enigma extreme

Is it hard being a wrestler?

yes, it is very hard to become a wrestler. If you want to be a wrestler be ready to burn a large hole in your pocket! not to make you seem scared or anything but that is how the wrestling business is nowadays. If you want to be a wrestler, then you have to inrole in a wrestling school. try one that is close to you or at least in your state. If you are light enough, i would try out in Mexico and try for the Lucha Libre style of wrestling. It looks fun, the crowd loves it, and you have a better chance of being in WWE, or TNA if you try out. Back to you orignal question, being a wrestler is very indeed hard! many people think that they wrestle only one night a week on t.v. But they actually wrestle about three to four nights in one week! The other shows are called House Shows which are not televised. I want to be a wrestler too and i have done my research and I'm ready to jump in. Since you are asking then maybe you want to be one as well. Well all i can say right now is good luck! Have a good day!

Is sandman returning to WWE?

sandman was good wrestler for hardcore,but no he won't be coming back

How could you meet a WWE wrestler?

buy back stage passes or get vip tickets

Where is wrestler Eli cottonwood now?

He has gone back to FCW which is wwe developmental ground.

When will the wrestler hhh return?

He said he will be back by wrestlemania 27 by nobody knows axacly when

Best wrestler in WWE?

CM punk cause in the back of his shirt is says BEST IN THE WORLD

When will Shawn micheals come back to the WWE?

not as a wrestler but as a guest host for the raw in san antonio

What happen to the wrestler the undertaker?

i think undertaker is coming i hope he comes back I am a big fan

Is Chuck Comeau dating?

Chuck Comeau was born September 17, 1979 and is known for being the drummer and back up singer in the pop band Simple Plan. He is currently dating Ashley Massaro, who is a retired American wrestler.

How does the royal rumble work?

a royal rumble is a 30 man over the top rope elimination match. 2 superstars start in the ring and every minute and a half a new wrestler enters the ring you can only be eliminated only by being tossed out the ring by a legal superstar if a wrestler who's already been eliminated knocks a wrestler out of the ring the superstar knocked out is allowed back in the last superstar remaning in the ring wins a shot at either the WWE title or WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT title at WRESTLEMANIA

Wrestling move stf?

The "STF" hold is when a wrestler takes the opponants leg (ex. left leg) and wraps his leg aroud his opponents left leg and then the wreslter puts his thigh on the left leg of the opponent then the wrestler grips the neck of the opponent and pulls back causing pain in the opponents back.

Who is Charcles and is he a wrestler?

charcles did a small bit of wrestling back when he was younger in thelate 80's early 90's but now he is more involved in the back