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Argentina won the 1978 (as hosts) and 1986 FIFA World Cups.

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Q: Did Argentina team ever won a world cup title?
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Did the Argentina soccer team ever win the world cup?

Argentina has twice won the FIFA World Cup, in 1978 and 1986.

What soccer team holds the world cup title?

the soccer team that holds the world cups title is Italy

What world cup team does messi play for?


Which team won the world cup in 1978?


Is Argentina's soccer team better than Mexico's soccer team?

Yes, Argentina are better than Mexico. Argentina put Mexico out in the last World Cup.

Which team defeated Argentina in the world cup 2010?

Germany beat Argentina in the quarter finals at the 2010 world cup.

Why was Argentina your World Cup team?

Argentina and Brazil are South American giants in football. It is unthinkable to have a world cup without Italy, Germany, Argentina and Brazil.

Which team eliminated Argentina in 2006 world cup?


What team is messi playing for in the soccer world cup?


Who is Argentina's soccer team captain in 1986?

The captain of Argentina in the 1986 world cup was Diego maradona.

What sports team has never ever won a title?

Minnesota Vikings

What National Team was the World Champion in the world cup of 1986?

Argentina. Played in Mexico.

Is Argentina the best soccer team in the world?

No!i think its Brazil or Spain

Who was the captain of 1986 world cup of team Argentina?

Diego Maradona

Who was the captain of Argentina team in 1986 world cup?

Diego Maradona

Which team will get the World Cup in South Africa 2010?

I predict Argentina

Which team is expected to win the 2010 FIFA World Cup?


What team is Messi on in 2010 world cup?

Lionel Messi (Argentina)

What titles Jeff hardy won?

he won world heavyweight title, European title, tna title, wwe title, intercontinental title, wcw title, and ecw world tag team championship title

What cups have Argentina football team won?

Argentina have won two world cups . One in 1978 and the second in 1986.

Who is Argentina's football team captain at 2010 world cup?

Javier Mascherano

Who is the captain of the team from Argentina in the Fifa World Cup 2010?

Javier Mascherano

Which 1st team did Argentina play against in 2010 world cup and what is the score?

Argentina played against Nigeria. The score was 1:0 in favor of Argentina.

Which was the first team to not score in the world cup final?

Argentina in 1990 fifa world cup final

True or false did the European soccer team ever win the world cup outside of Europe?

Yes Spain won it in Argentina back in 1924 so i say true