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Q: Dead old famous baseball players
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How old are little league baseball players?

8 to 13

What MBL players use Old Hickory baseball bats and Gloves?

No MBL players use Old Hickory bats and gloves.

How old are baseball players in the Indy leagues?

approximately in the late twenties

What is the pitching distance for 13 year old baseball players?

54 feet

What are the rules in softball?

10 players that are to old to play baseball get together and drink beer.

Is Arthur Tress dead?

The famous photographer known as Arthur Tress is not dead. Arthur is 72 years old as of September 2013. He is most famous for his pictures of staged realism.

What is the value of an old Wilson A1300 famous players Roger Maris model bat?


How old was Van Gogh when he became famous?

He was dead long before anybody was interested in his art.

How old is Terrry Blocker?

Terry Blocker the famous Baseball player is now 44 years old.

Who is the oldest most famous player in the world?

The old famous players are Dino Zoff and Edwin Van Der Sar , who were both 40 years when they retired.

How fast do 13 14 year old baseball players pitch?

they pitch from 65mph to around 80mph

Is there a game abit like Runescape but with the old wilderness where you get the items the other person died with?

Runescape! The old wilderness is back now. Players do drop their items when dead.

How old was Elvis when he became famous?

Elvis was 19 years old I know because my grandma is his biggest fan even though he's dead.

Why do baseball players spit so much?

In the old days, baseball players primarily chewed tobacco and it became a bit of a tradition to chew and spit on field. Chewing tobacco has gone out of style, however many ball players chew gum and spitting is still an acceptable tradition.

Is tay zonday dead?

No tay is not dead he is a 30 year old politically aware man, and quite famous for his one hit wonder song "Chocolate rain"

Who played soccer long ago?

well.....actually soccer is a very old game and there are too many old players but ill give u some famous old players Abedi pele maradona Zico and others......sorry for giving you only 3 examples lol

What is the pitching distance for 9 year old baseball players?

Its about 46 feet from the rubber on the pitcher's mound to the tip of homeplate.

How much do soccer players get played?

mostly 80,000 ~ 100,000 euro per week for famous guys. Young players who are like 17 years old get paid about 3,000 euro per week.

Who would buy old baseball cards in great condition of popular baseball players for a top dollar price in Columbus Ohio?

me! i will pay 60,000,000 dollars if you find me

How old do players get in fifa 12?

There are a few players who are 40,

Why Club Penguin is old cp dead?

Why is old cp dead

How do you identify the players in a very old baseball photo?

== == Figure out what era the players are from, the team (name on uniform) Do a search online for pictures of players on that team, era, and compare them. The easiest thing to do is post the picture on a vintage baseball related forum and ask for help. See related Links for one forum you can use.

What is the pitching distance for 14 year old baseball players?

Most times it is the same as MLB: 60 feet, 6 inches.

Do modern players get paid more than old players?

Yes they do

Is Jessica Schlaen Famous?

Yes ! She is famous for her beautiful and fantastic voice. She made it into AllState if you can believe it or not ! She is so good at soccer to. I've been told that she was one of the best players on her old team "Strikers!"