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I think you mean Australian Crawl. It's usually the fastest stroke. Some people mistakenly call it Freestyle.

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Q: Crowing stroke in swimming means what?
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Is a butterfly a swimming stroke?

Yes, butterfly is a swimming stroke.

What is the swimming term that means on the back face up?

It is called back stroke.

Second fastest swimming stroke?

The second fastest swimming stroke is Butterfly.

What is the butterfly in olympic swimming?

a swimming stroke

What is the most popular swimming stroke?

it would be the freestyle the most easiest stroke in swimming

What is the favorite swimming stroke?

Frontcrawl is generally the most popular swimming stroke as it is the most efficient

What do you call it when you are swimming forwards?

Swimming... Or breast stroke.

What are the five events of swimming?

free style,back stroke, butterfly, breast stroke and underwater swimming

What is the first stroke in swimming a team medley?

back stroke

Libby trickett's favourite swimming stroke?

breath stroke

What is both a swimming style and an insect?

The Butterfly Stroke in swimming

What is free style in swimming events?

Freestyle means the swimmer gets to choose their favorite stroke for that race .

Is breast stroke a good all round swimming stroke for exercise?

The breast stroke is a healthy active swim and is a good all round swimming stroke. It is very excellent exercise.

What was the first swimming stroke?


What is a insect and a swimming stroke?


Is crawl a swimming stroke?


What insect shares a name with a swimming stroke?

Butterfly (Butterfly stroke)

What creepy crawly is a stroke in swimming?

:L there is a stroke called butterfly

What is typically the slowest swimming stroke?

Typically, the slowest stroke is breaststroke in swimming as it has the most inefficient technique in terms of hydrodynamics.

Is a breast stroke really a swimming competition?

yes!!!!!!!!!! there are four strokes in competitive swimming: butterfly, backstroke, breast stroke, and freestyle

Name a popular swimming stroke?

front stroke back stoke breast stroke elementary backstroke

Who Invented breaststroke swimming stroke?


A swimming stroke named after a insect?

butterfly :)

Did Clint walker have a stroke?

No he had a swimming accident

What swimming stroke that is most difficult?

That depends on you.