Could you explain the game termanologies of golf?

Updated: 8/16/2019
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What means Par ? What is a Birdie ? What is Bogey ? What is a Double Bogey ? When negative sign is next to a number or a plus ? You must be saying she doesn"t know anything. You are right but a love the sport> Thank you

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Q: Could you explain the game termanologies of golf?
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Where could one find swing tips to improve their golf game?

There are many places where one can find swing tips to improve their golf game. For example, Mens Health, World Golf, Level One Network and Golf Digest.

Why would a ladder be used during a game of Golf?

A ladder could be used during the game of golf to climb a tree or a structure in order to get the ball which has landed there. Another reason for this particular use is to form a ladder golf game which is also called Fingy Pongy.

What is the game of golf usually referred to as?

Golf. But a single game of golf is usually referred to as a round.

Is golf a sport or game?

It is a sport, although you can play a game of golf.

Why is Golf not an Olympic Game?

Golf is a long game also cricket

How do you say golf in German?

golf = der Golf golf = das Golfspiel golfing (game) = das Golf gulf (geolog.) = der Golf to golf = golfen | golfte, gegolft to golf = Golf spielen to play golf (game) = Golf spielen

What is the duration of Donald's Golf Game?

The duration of Donald's Golf Game is 480.0 seconds.

Where can I buy a ladder golf game?

You can find a ladder golf game here on

Where could one find a glossary of golf terms?

Someone that is looking to find a glossary of golf terms can do so at the websites Wikipedia, as well as Play Golf America. Both websites offer a variety of information pertaining to the game of golf.

What is the difference in a game of golf and a round of golf?

There is no real difference between the two, between a round usually means playing 18 holes whereas a game could mean just 9 holes or more.

Who holds your golf clubs in a game of golf?

A caddy

What do you get when you cross a card with a game of golf?

A golf card.