Could Honduras win the World Cup?

Updated: 8/18/2019
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As they are not in the world cup each time I do not think they will win the world cup.

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Q: Could Honduras win the World Cup?
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Did Honduras win the World Cup before?

No Honduras has never won a world cup in its history.

How many wins did Honduras Soccer team win?

Honduras failed to win a single match at the 2010 world cup.

Will Honduras be in FIFA 2011?

Honduras played in the 2010 world cup, they failed to win a match.

Has Honduras ever been in the world cup final?

Honduras had qualified for the 2010 world cup in South Africa.But they didnot score a single goal or even win a single match.

How many world cups have hodura s been to?

The 2010 world cup was the first for Honduras , they failed to score or win a match.

How many times did Honduras win the gold cup?

10000 matches Honduras played

Which world cup did Italy win in1988 a world cup in which sport in 1988?

It could well be the Euro cup 1988.

Could Romania win world cup rugby?

It is impossible.

Could Capello England win the World Cup in South Africa?


Does Slovakia have a good good chance of winning the world cup?

it seems they could get a chance to advance, but not to win the world cup.

Could Portugal win the FIFA 2010?

Portugal will not win the world cup as they are one man band.

Who is likely to win the World Cup?

England might win the World Cup.