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Q: Could Capello England win the World Cup in South Africa?
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Is South Africa independent from England?

Yes, South Africa is independent of England

When was Church of England in South Africa created?

Church of England in South Africa was created in 1938.

How is South Africa different to England?

It is in Africa

What year did England take over South Africa?

England took over South Africa in 1885.

What is the England squad for the 2010 world cup?

That will not be known until Fabio Capello gives the names out just before they fly to South Africa. Form and fitness is the major factor, there could be injuries etc to some players and some players may come into form just before the tournament and some could dip in form.

How many hours ahead of England is south Africa?

in summer in south africa we are 2 hours ahead of england but when south africa is in winter we are 1 hour ahead of england< this is because of daylight saving.

Can you drive from England to South Africa?

Yes you can, i have some friend who live in south Africa who drove from northwest England to pretoria, south Africa. It took them exactly 6 months.

Where does fabio capello live?

south western pennsylvania

What country is East London in?

There is an East London in South Africa but this could refer to the East of London, England.

What are the 3 biggest rainforests?

south africa south norway and south england.

Who played in the 2007 Rugby world cup finals?

England and South Africa. South Africa won.

Who won the 2007 Rugby World Cup Final?

England V South Africa WINNERS: SOUTH AFRICA Final score: England 6-15 South Africa. Venue: Stade de France, Paris.

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