Chicago Cubs world series wins

Updated: 10/20/2022
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Not since 1908.

They only won in 1907 and 1908.

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They would have to be in it to win one.

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Q: Chicago Cubs world series wins
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Which team has the most MLB World Series?

National League: Chicago Cubs, last World Series in 1945. American League: Cleveland Indians, last World Series in 1954.

Who was the Chicago Cubs manager in 1938?

Hall of Famer Frank Chance was first baseman and manager of the Cubs for both of their World Series wins (1907, 1908). Chance was manager of the Cubs between 1905-1912.

What is the Chicago Cubs record against the Chicago White Sox since interleague play began in Major League Baseball?

as of the 2010 season, the White Sox lead the all time record (since interleague play began) with 37 wins to the Cubs 35 wins. The White Sox won the Interleague Series against the Cubs in 2010 by 4 games-to-2 so after the 2010 season, the White Sox lead in the series 41 Wins to 37 wins

What is the 2009 record for the cubs - cardinals series?

The Chicago Cubs recorded 6 wins and 10 losses versus the St. Louis Cardinals in the 2009 season.

What is the team record of the Chicago Cubs?

The highest amount of runs the Cubs have scored in one game is 36. This occurred in 1897 against Louisville, who no longer fields a team.

How many wins did the Chicago Cubs have in 1984?

The 1984 Cubs regular season record was 96-65.

What was the Chicago Cubs record in 1906?

116 wins, 36 losses

How many wins do the Chicago Cubs have this season so far?

Not enough!

Ninth team with most World Series won?

There are 6 teams with the 9th most World Series wins with 2. The Cubs, Phillies, Indians, Mets, Marlins, and Blue Jays.

What is all time record for Chicago Cubs?

10,165 wins and 9,601 losses

What is the most wins in won season in the mlb?

The 1906 Chicago Cubs and the 2001 Seattle Mariners both won a record 116 games. The Cubs, however, set the mark in 152 games. The Mariners, paced by rookie phenom Ichiro Suzuki, accomplished the feat in 162 games. The Cubs lost the 1906 World Series in six games to their crosstown rivals, the Chicago White Sox. The Mariners lost the American League Championship Series in five games to the New York Yankees.

What team has the most years between World Series wins?

As of the start of the 2008 season, that would be 88 years by the Chicago White Sox who won the World Series in 2005 and had previously won it in 1917. Second would be the Boston Red Sox at 86 years. The Red Sox won the World Series in 1918 and did not win it again until 2004. The only current team that could surpass that record would be the Chicago Cubs who have not won the World Series since 1908.