Cheerleading dance moves

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well Cheerleading dance moves would be cheerleading moves, just with a good up beat song such as "Please dont stop the music" By:Rhina i tried out for cheerleading and we had to learn a dance to that song it was so much fun!!and if you know these moves here are some good cheer moves;

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Q: Cheerleading dance moves
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Can you give me the moves for cheerleading?

cheerleading isn't just about fancy tricks its also about dance if u can dance you could be a good cheerleader

Meaning of cheerdance?

Cheerdance is another form of cheerleading that is usually used in competitions. It is a form of dance that includes a lot of cheerleading moves and gymnastics.

In cheerleading motions refer to?

how your body moves

What is a ripple in cheerleading?

A ripple in cheerleading is when the cheerleaders do the same moves on different counts. like a wave.

What are some good cheerleading moves?

all are great

What are all the cheerleading moves?

You can find most of them at

What is the a to z of dance moves?

a to z of dance moves

Learn cheerleading moves?

My opinion to learn alot of cheerleading moves, is the gym where you have free space and no one near you for no concentration. the more you go to the gym and practice in gymnastics the more you learn the cheerleading moves likeBack handspringBack walkoverroundoffvaldezfront flipback flipback exstintion rollthat's wat i think you should do to learn the moves

Do you have to know how to do a cartwheel in cheerleading?

The good part of cheerleading is that there is a part for everyone. Some people just cheer and do the "dance moves" while others, called flippers do the tumbling. But, it al depends on the team that you choose to join and their requirements might be different than mine.

What dance moves does usher dance?

His moves are probably choreographed.

Name of dance moves in street dance?

in street dance they have different moves like hip-hop.

All the cheerleading moves?

you could never name all of the cheerleading moves. the most popular however. high v. low v. middle. short t. touchdown. and clap, and clasp.

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