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yes you can wear hockey elbow pads for Lacrosse

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Q: Can you wear hockey elbow pads for lacrosse?
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Can you wear lacrosse elbow pads for hockey?

no lacrosse pads are different if u try-ed u would not have a good shot

Why do boys have to wear pads in lacrosse?

They wear pads in lacrosse because they could get hurt.

What do you wear to play ice hockey?

Answer Helmet, elbow pads, shin pads, hockey pants, cup, ice skates, shoulder pads, gloves, socks, jersey, mouthgaurd, neck guard

What do lacrosse players wear?

Girls lacrosse players wear a mouthguard and eye goggles. Thier uniform consists of a jersey, usually a tank top, and a skirt with spandex underneath. Boys lacrosse players wear a lacrosse helmet, shoulder pads, elbow pads, adn rib pads. Girls goalies wear a helmet, a chestguard, padded pants, shinguards, and gloves. Boys goalies wear the same.

What protective gear do players wear during a game in Ice Hockey?

they wear knee and elbow pads , helmet's ,shoulder blades

Is it legal to wear lacrosse gloves in hockey?

yes it is not legal, you have to wear hockey/lacrosse official gloves

What do you wear for hockey?

It depends on what kind of hockey. If you are playing ice hockey you should wear: Ice skates (for ice hockey, not figure skates)shin pads & knee pads (most wear socks over shin and knee pads)padded shortschest and shoulder pads (they look like the pads that foot ball players wear. Make sure to get hockey pads)elbow padsneck guard (optional, but if you want to stay safe and warm you should wear one).helmet (you should wear a cage helmet)Jersey (to complete the uniform)

What items do you need to play lacrosse for kids?

Our son plays (he is 7yrs old) and they are required to wear a helmet with a cage, shoulder pads, arm/elbow pads, back and kidney guard, mouth guard, gloves and a jock/jill. If your child is playing box lacrosse you probably want to use knee pads as well. On top of this you'll need a stick and practice jersey. If you child plays hockey the shoulder, elbow pads, kidney/back guard and helmet can be used for lacrosse too. Hope that helps!

Do boys wear pads?

yes for lacrosse

What are 4 differences between ice hockey and lacrosse?

lacrosse uses a round ball-hockey uses a puck lacrosse is played on a field-hockey is played on ice lacrosse players wear cleats-hockey players wear skates lacrosse sticks have a head and mesh on the end-hockey sticks dont

What do you wear in hockey?

You need a helmet, mouth guard, neck guard, shoulder pads, elbow pads, gloves, pants, shin pads, socks, a can, and skates. Also don't forget a stick.

What protection gear do netball players wear?

knee pads elbow pads

What sports wears the most padding?

My guess would be Ice Hockey. Given that American football players wear shoulder and leg pads as well as a helmet; ice hockey players are required to wear a helmet, shoulder pads, padded pants, elbow pads, and shin/knee pads. Don't forget the padded skates, gloves, and mouthguards!

Why don't goalies wear elbow pads in lacrosse?

Goalies don't have to wear arm pads because they don't need to (unless the league u play in requires them, but that is rare) and the pads limit they're range of motion. But really the goalie himself makes the decision as to wear them or not and some like and some dislike.

List every thing that hockey player's have to wear?

Cup, Shin pads, socks, pants, chest portector, elbow pads, jersey,skates, helmet, neck guard, gloves, stick

Something you wear starting with the letter e?

Elbow Pads

Do lacrosse players wear pads if so where are the pads?

Yes they do the pads are located on the shoulders like football players

Can Lacrosse goalies wear leg pads?

Box lacrosse goalies do wear leg pads made of hard plastic material like a big shin guards, in field lacrosse goalies can only wear soccer style shin guards

What type of pads should you get if you want to unicycle?

To unicycle you should always wear a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads and wrist pads.

Outline the kind of safety aids that players in a range of sports might use to prevent injuries?

equipment wise there are: helmets (football, baseball/softball ,hockey, lacrosse) men usually wear cups soccer and field hockey there are shin guards baseball players wear guards when hitting to protect the side facing th pitcher football, hockey, and lacrosse players wear all types of padding volleyball players sometimes wear pads on their knees field hockey and female lacrosse players wear eye masks strething can be considered an aid for preventing injuries

Do people in the mll wear shoulder pads?

Yes, every level in lacrosse have to.

What safety measures are used in cricket?

They wear helmets and knee and elbow pads.

What is something boys wear that starts with e?

earmuffs,elbow pads,eyeglasses,

What do you wear in vollyball?

Shorts, jersey, knee pads, court shoes, possibly ankle guards, and elbow pads

What do you wear under your hockey pads?

It is the users preference as what to wear under protective equipment.