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Yes but you shouldn't do that because you could slip.

I would rather buy outdoor soccer shoes.

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Q: Can you use indoor soccer shoes for outdoors?
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Can you use running shoes to play indoor soccer?

Yes! You can! However, it's recommended you use indoor soccer shoes for indoor soccer since your runners will get damaged after a couple of games because of the material it's made of.

Can you use outdoor soccer shoes for indoor soccer?

ya, if you want to trip every 5 seconds

What is a puck in indoor soccer?

It'd be the wrong thing to use. Pucks are for Hockey, not Soccer.

What type of shoes are you using today?

Soccer shoes, I may use.

Can you use baseball shoes as football shoes?

no,because soccer shoes are more strong

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no,originally they are indoor shoes,but you can use it on turf but maybe you`ll slip a little...

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What kind of shoes do you use for soccer?

Cleats, with rubber not metal spikes.

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