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Of course it needs! Running shoes can protect us from some unnecessary injuries during exercise and can better protect our body. You can buy all kinds of sports shoes at FashionTIY at reasonable prices and good quality.

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I would recommend you buy running shoes. Soccer shoes are for soccer and are not made for running. If you use soccer shoes for running you may risk injury.

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Q: Are running shoes necessary
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Are special marathon running shoes necessary for running?

Yes, running shoes are necessary to run a marathon. If you do not use running shoes you could end up injuring yourself and it could potentially injure the others around you.

Are Polo Shoes Running Shoes?

Polo shoes are casual shoes, not running shoes.

Are tsubo shoes running shoes?

yes they are running shoes.

Are Reebok shoes running shoes?

yes, reebok running shoes

Are there any minimalist running shoes?

There are minimalist running shoes. You can look at for minimalist running shoes. is also another website with minimalist running shoes. You might even be lucky with finding minimalist running shoes at your local sports store.

How will Salomon running shoes enhance my running shoes, in comparison to other running shoes?

The manufacturer may be able to provide you with detailed information about the Salomon running shoes. Local running stores can also tell you details about the Salmon running shoes and how they compare to the other shoes.

What are Asics marathon running shoes?

Asics running shoes are very comfortable and efficient running shoes. To my knowledge there are no specific marathon running shoes, however Asics running shoes are often used by marathon runners.

Where can I buy men's running shoes?

You can purchase men's running shoes. You can purchase running shoes at,,, and There are many companies that sell running shoes.

Where can I but men's running shoes for cheap?

Asic is a company that manufactures running shoes for cheap. Although they sell the running shoes for cheap, they may not be as durable as other company's running shoes.

where can I find stability running shoes?

You can find running shoes that offer stability while jogging at the following web ... Running Shoe Reviews or

Are vans shoes running shoes?

No they are not

What are the running shoes that are like socks?

They are called fivefinger running shoes.

When do you get running shoes in Pokemon Blue?

There are no Running Shoes in Pokemon Blue.

Where can I find waterproof running shoes?

You can find waterproof running shoes at most hiking shoes websites such as Or you can research on how to "waterproof" your current running shoes.

What's the purpose of bare running shoes?

Bare running shoes are the ultimate best shoes you could buy to enjoy your overall running experience. Barefoot running shoes can be found at

Why were running shoes invented?

For running...?

What is the equipment of running?

running shoes!

Which companies have discount running shoes?

You can find discount running shoes at DSW Warehouse, Payless Shoes, Marshalls Shoes. You can find discounted running shoes at shoe store outlets as well.

What are shoes called that are worn for running and playing sports?

They are called simply, "tennis shoes" or "running shoes"

Can you do some reviews of the running shoes?

I myself cannot do reviews of running shoes as I do not own a pair of running shoes. But there are many reviews of running shoes on Go there and you'll find many reviews.

Where can I buy Puma running shoes online?

The puma company offers street running shoes, casual shoes with cushons, and speed running shoes. You can find them online at,, and running

Should you get jumping stilts or free running shoes?

free running shoes

Should I buy some leather running shoes?

I would recommend cloth running shoes because I personally feel that leather running shoes are very uncomfortable. Cloth running shoes are also very cheaper compared to leather running shoes for fitness purposes.

Where are good places to buy running shoes?

Most shoe stores, such as Foot Locker, should carry running shoes. Some websites also specialize in running shoes and related items, including Running Shoes and Running Warehouse.

What's the top rated running shoes?

While it is impossible to find the top rated running shoes, many running shoes are popular. Some examples of popular running shoes include Nike, and Adidas.