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yes you can

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Q: Can you use composite bats in 10u softball?
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Can you use a composite bat in girls softball?

Yes you can.

What brand bats do the USA Olympic softball team use?

what kind of bats do the usa softball team use

Is it illegal to use a composite bat in girls fast-pitch softball?

No. It is very rare to use anything but a composite bat.

What can you use to clean your composite softball bat?

Tar moisture only

Does softball use sceince?

Yes. When talking about the new composite bats, one should not use them when the temperature is under 60 degrees Fahrenheit. This is because the ball gets harder, and the bats are more sensitive, which causes the bat to be damaged.

How different softball was back then to today?

softball was more played like baseball back then. they used a baseball and wooden bats. they also made the women wear skirts to make it a little more girlie. now girls use aluminum or composite bats and a bigger ball.

Does softball use metal bats?

If they want to but there is no need

How thick is a softball?

It depends. FASTPITCH: girls 10u or younger use a 11" diameter ball. Girls 12u and up use a 12" diameter ball. SLOWPITCH: 12" diameter ball

How do you clean a composite softball bat without taking off the paint?

I use a cleaning solution called "Spray 9" to clean my bats and cleats, works like a charm!

Which is better a fast pitch bat or a slow pitch bat?

Definitely fast pitch bat. FP bats are usually composite bats, they make the ball go farther and they also reduce sting in the hands. SP bats are usually metal bats and don't make the ball go as far and causes a sting in the hands when hitting the ball. You can also use metal bats in FP softball but it is much better to use a composite

What is the best bat to use in fastpitch softball?

I would say a Rocket-Tech--2007 Model. It is very top heavy tho!It depends - are you a slapper, a power hitter, do you have slow bat speed or fast bat speed. The answers may be balanced, end-loaded, light drops (-11, -12). There is a great site - - that reviews the Best Fastpitch Softball Bats. It also provides reviews from Players, Coaches and Parents. Also provides Top Rankings of Fastpitch Bats in several categories - Slappers, Power Hitters, Balanced, End-Loaded, Team Bats (8U, 10U, 12U), Composite and Non-Composites. Also, info on selection and care of Fastpitch Softball Bats: www.thecoachreviews.comRead more: What_is_best_fastpitch_softball_bat

Can you use coposite bats in little league?

yes you can use composite bats in little league

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