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Technically - that being according to the manufacturer's warranty - you shouldn't use an aluminum bat when the temperature goes below 50 degrees. Not because the metal is affected, but because in cold weather the ball gets harder. In reality you can use the bat down to about 40 degrees without much of a problem.

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Q: Can you use a aluminum bat when its cold?
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You can use a compression device to return an aluminum bat with crackÊto its original condition but it is not advisable to use it. AÊhairline crack will become a larger crack and eventually break the bat into two pieces, which will be sharp and dangerous.Ê

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its a bat thats made of aluminum...if this does not answer your question,look for "aluminum bat pics"and mabe you will see wht im talking about :)

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its the same

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Wooden BatSupposedly, the wooden bat due to the weight of the ash wood used to make bat as opposed to the aluminum. However, it's not really the bat, it's the speed of the thrown ball and the speed with which the bat makes contact. Ask a baseball coach or a physics professor for more info.Usually a wooden bat, but aluminum bats hit faster, which is why I was almost decapitated before my time a few weeks ago.they think the aluminum would hit farther because a wooden bat would not hold up as goodthat's right an aluminum bat hits so far that the major leagues don't even use them trust meAluminum bat hits faster but i also think a aluminum bat would hit farther too because the aluminum bat is lighter and the faster you swing the farther it goes.

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