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Q: Can you use -3 bats in Babe Ruth baseball?
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What bats do you use in crown point babe Ruth baseball?

you use big barrels

What size of bat can you use in babe Ruth 13-15 baseball leagues?

Minus 3 bats are the only metal bats allowed.

Can you use aluminum bats in the babe Ruth league?

yes. from college and up ithnik you use wooden bats.

Did Babe Ruth use steroids?

I think Babe Ruth used steroids

Is bats with bbcor the same as bats with bpf 1.15?

is it illegal to use a bpf 1.15 in the state of babe ruth

What size bat is allowed in Babe Ruth baseball leagues?

can u use a -3 aluminum bat in 13-15 babe ruth league play?

Did Babe Ruth use drugs?

There has been no report of Babe Ruth using drugs.

What kind of bat did Babe Ruth use?

I think babe Ruth used a wood bat to spit his tobbaco on :)

What word would use describe babe Ruth?


How much is a Louisville Slugger 125 promotional Babe Ruth bat worth?

I can't think of a Babe Ruth promotional bat that would have the 125 H&B designation. There would be mini bats with this destination that was sold as souvenirs at the stadium, but either way the value of the bat as a promotional bat will rely on tying it in with a promotion. Babe Ruth All America Athletic Underwear came with a "promotional" bat. The bat itself sells for about $400. you might use this price as a Yardstick to measure value but you still have to show what promotion the bat is from. If I find any information on a promotion with a Babe Ruth 125 baseball bat I will up date this post. For more information on the Babe Ruth Underwear bat, and other vintage baseball bats visit the links I left below.

What name brand glove did Babe Ruth use in the 1930s?


What is the value of a Seagram's 7 bar mirror of Babe Ruth as a Yankee?

The mirrors were produced by Seagram's 7 Crown in the 1990's as a promotion and features the career statistics of the ballplayers. The mirror measures 20 ½" x 16 ½" The Babe Ruth Mirror reads "Permission by Babe Ruth Baseball and the Babe Ruth Estate" meaning Seagram's 7 had to pay their dues to use the "Babe Ruth" name & image. (Just a legality) The Babe Ruth mirror sell for about $20.-$30. on average. One just sold on eBay for $36. Below are a few auction results from early April 2008 for the Babe Ruth, and other mirrors: * Pete Rose mirror sold for $20.35, * Willie Stargell sold for $10.50 * Babe Ruth sold for $20.50 * Lou Gehrig sold for $23.01 * Willie Mays sold for $14.99 * Bob Gibson sold for $8.99 * Ernie banks sold for$20.36

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