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Yes, most high school leagues require -3, but rules can be different from league to league.

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Q: Can you use -3 baseball bats in high school?
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Can you use wooden bats in high school baseball?

yes you may use a wooden bat in high school baseball in fact that is the only bat they you can use in baseball. cork bate are illegal in baseball .

Can you use a baseball bat you created in high school baseball?

No, BBCOR bats are required for high school baseball. BBCOR stands for "Batted Ball Coefficient of Restitution."

How many players of the MLB use wooden bats?

everyone of them do. metal bats are illegal in professional baseball. But you use them in college, high school and below.

Can you use composite bats in high school baseball?

Yes you can use them until the spring season of 2012, then you must use BBCOR certified bats. (Right now they are BESR certified)

Can you use double barrel bats in middle school baseball?

You can use Big barrel bats in middle school ball.

Can a high school baseball player use a wooden bat?

Type your answer here... Yes they can all wooden bats are legal !

What type of bat is used in high school baseball?

High school baseball players have to use a -3 bat.

What bats can you use in high school baseball?

-3. example. if the bat is 33 inches long the weight would have to be 30 ounces.

Does middle school baseball have to use bbcor bats?

in the USA yes, in australia no, in australia it will be labelled on the bats if you are allowed to use that particular bat in middle school.

Can coaches use tobacco during a high school baseball game?


Can you use small barrel bats in middle school baseball?

Yes you most certainly can

Can you use wooden bats in middle school baseball?

Just depends on what kind of bat it is?

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