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It depends. First off, the vast majority of NFL players first have to attend college and play College Football to even be noticed by any NFL team. Colleges don't want to take people who fail grades, especially not large Division I schools with high academic standards. In order to play college football, one needs to have a certain GPA in their college classes which is usually making As and Bs with perhaps a C here and there, but no Ds or Fs.

Usually, failing a grade is enough to ensure that you won't go to a division I (and most division II) schools, colleges want to distance themselves from athletes who can't perform in the classroom, because of this, failing a grade doesn't mean you won't ever get to the NFL but it means you have to be pretty much the best player in your division and hope to be really really lucky.

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If I fail 6th grade can i still be in the NFL?
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probably not

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Yes you can if you have a college degree

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Q: Can you still play a sport if you fail a grade?
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