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They should play sport to increase fitness, get active and have fun =D

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Q: Why should 6 grade play sports?
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Which sports should a 6 year old girl play?

A 6 year old girl should play full contact football (in the NFL), rugby and ballet.

Can you play toys when you are in grade 6?

Sure go ahead.

What grade should you be in if you are 6 years old?


I play the violin and it is getting too hard but I am close to Grade 6 so I don't think I should quit now What should I do?

Keep practicing! It will only get easier if you do it.

How do you ask a girl out if your in grade 6 and she is in grade 5?

This is a question you should be asking of Mom or Dad!!

How tall should a 6th grade boy be?

The average height for a grade 6 boy is around 5'1-5'2. My friend is very tall for his age, he is in grade 6 and he is 5'7.

What should a grade 6 girl talk about with her boyfriend?

Favorite hobbies

How many sports should schools require?

they should require at least 5-6

Can flat footed people play sport?

yes im flat footed and i play 6+ sports a year

How many sports can women play due to Title IX?

women can only play a 6-player games. but there are a many but not much sports women can play during title 9. women were mad!

How old should you be in each grade level?

if you are in Canada this is the how many years you should be in each grade: grade 1:6 or 7 grade 2:7 or 8 grade 3:8 or 9 grade 4:9 or 10 grade 5:10 or 11 grade 6:11 or 12 grade 7:12 or 13 grade 8:13 or 14 grade 9:14 or 15 grade 10:15 or 16 thank you please comment if you think it is correct

What grade r you in?

Grade 6 !!! (:

Are fifth graders old enough for sports in middle school?

5th grade is still elementary school 6-8 is middle school. It depends on what school you go to, some schools think the fifth grade is old enough to be with the older kids. If you are talking out of school you can play any sport :)

What plane figure has 6 side and 6 vertices?

Hexagon, think about it, you should know this if you are in 5th grade and up.

Do you have to tryout to make seventh grade basketball teams?

YES, when u r in 7th grade, u are considered the A team, where u play 2 win, unlike 4-6 grade the B team, which u just play for fun

How fast should an 8th grade girl run 3 laps?

6 minutes

What should a NJHS member be?

a reponsible and well educated student from the 6-8 grade

What is a good seventh grade boys mile time?

The time a 7th grade boys can different thing if they play a sport. Their time will be between 6-9mins. If they don't play a sport 7-12mins.

What should you weigh in 6 grade?

You should judge your weight depending on your height and body type and if you are male or female.

How long should a 8th grade penis be?

it should be as long as brandons penis which is about 2cm.

Information on Kiss The Rain by Yiruma?

I am doing grade 6 at the moment, and, compared to some of my piece I'd say they're about the saem difficulty so probably grade 6 or if u try really hard then you can try to play it in grade 5 :)

What grade can you take a gt test?

Well for me I'm taking it in 6 grade. (I'm in 6 grade)

Do you spell out the numbers in 4-6 grade?

When people write hyphenated numbers, they speak it as 4 to 6 or 4th to 6th.The words for 4-6 grade should be written as4th to 6th grades, plural.

Can grade 6 girl go out with grade 8 boy?

of couse not it would be just gross and very mindful

How tall do guys get in the summer before eighth grade?

If eighth grade is 14 years old they should be around 5"10 to 6"1. I'm 16 and 6"4