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Yes. You can step to the side of the table to return the ball.

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Q: Can you step to the side of the table to return the ball in ping pong?
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What is a ping pong ball?

It is a small ball that you hit back and forth on a ping pong table.

In ping pong can you return a ball hit to you before it bounces on your side of the table?

No, you can't. The ball must land on your side of the table first before you can return it.

What is the name of table tinnes ball?

ping pong

How does acceleration apply to ping pong?

The harder you hit the ball, makes it accelerate and makes it difficult to return the ball back on the table.

What is the other name of table tennis ball?

ping pong

Why ping pong ball is hollow?

For a better bounce on the table.

Would a ping pong ball or a golf ball hit the ground first?

You have not defined the parameters of your problem. Ping pong balls never hit the ground, they hit the ping pong table. Even if they miss the ping pong table, they hit the floor, rather than the ground. That's because ping pong is played indoors. Of course, you could set up an experiment that involves a ping pong ball and a golf ball, but you have not described such an experiment.

The weight of the ping pong ball?

A table tennis ball weighs 2.7g.

Where does the word ping pong originate from?

Well, an ancient being from centuries ago hit a ping pong ball with his or her paddle. When the ball hit the paddle it made a 'ping' sound. The ball rebounded of the paddle and hit the table, making a 'pong' sound. Ping pong was then born.

Which floats a baseball or a ping pong ball?

ping pong ball

When playing ping pong is a ball hit off the table still in play?

In table tennis (ping pong) as long you hit the ball onto your opponent's half of the table, the ball is in play and must be returned or the point is lost.

What sport uses the lightist ball?

Table tennis (ping pong)

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