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the club will not be up to its normal height (obviously) but the club should be OK as long as the shaft hasn't split when it snapped

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Q: Can you snap a golf club and re grip it?
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Can white spirit be used to re grip a golf club?

Yes, white spirit is very good to use when regripping a golf club. It is in my opinion, the next best alternative if you don't have grip solvent.

How much to re-shaft a golf club?

To reshaft I think it would cost you roughly around $25 per club.

How do you get rid of gas odors after using gas as a solvent in re gripping golf clubs?

Where from? The grip or your garage or something? The smell will not be noticeable on the grip unless you have drenched the outside of it in gas. The smell will fade over time.

How do you re-graphite a graphite golf club?

Don't try if you are not a professional. It demands special tools and special knowledge if it can be done at all.

How do you extend graphite club shafts?

There are extensions you can insert in the butt end of the shaft (after removing the grip) that can be trimmed to the desired length and re-install the grip. This must be done carefully, as some graphite shafts can crack easily.

What are the revenue streams at a golf driving range?

Well it depends how dedicated you are to it. You have the revenue from the buckets of balls, drinks and snacks, golf lessons if you are qualified to give them, club fitting (re-shafting, re-gripping and custom fitting) and equipment sales (clubs, balls, gloves, tees, and even clothing).

What is another name for a re-do in golf?


How do you re-grip a baseball bat for a lefty?

umm. its exactly the same... there is no specific way to grip anything in baseball... wow

How do you give your basketball more grip?

Unfortunately, all basketballs lose their grip after a while. When this happens, there is no way to "re-grip" or regain the grip of the ball. The only other option is to buy a new ball.

What can you use instead of grip solvent?

Grip solvent is definitely the best for re-gripping, but you can use white spirit or petrol, which both work well.

How can you re-grip your wrestling shoes or any shoes in general?

buy a new one

How do you know when your tennis grip is worn out?

The grip will be very dark and most likely shredded. It will hurt to hold on to and can seriously effect your game. You should try and re-grip your tennis racket once a week or even sooner.

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