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A goal may be scored directly from a kick-off.

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Q: Can you score direct from kick off in football without the ball touching any other player?
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In football if a player takes a direct free kick and the ball hits the post without touching another player including the keeper can he touch it again?

No. The ball must be touched by another player (see Law 13).

What kind of kick is it when you can score without another player touching the ball?

A goal can be scored directly (without any other player touching the ball) from a kick-off, goal kick, corner kick, or direct free kick as far as restarts go.

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What is the goal of football?

The goal in football is where the player need to try and get the football into the net without the goalkeeper saving the ball.

Can you score a basket in basketball if you are out of bounds you bounce it off the court and it goes in without touching a player?


What is a doublehit in volleyball?

A double hit in volleyball is when the same player contacts the ball twice without another player touching the ball.

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Is it true that an in direct kick must be touched by a player before entering the goal?

Yes, because it is in-direct and so if it was shot and the ball went into the goal with no one touching it, the goal would not count.

What is a winner in tennis?

A winner is any shot that bounces twice without the opposing player touching the ball with his/ her racquet

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