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Q: Can you put a brine shaft head on a warrior head?
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Can you put a brine lacrosse head on a warrior shaft?

ya it should fit fine cuz i have the brine answer for a head and a warrior hero composite for a shaft. it works fine but im getn the brine swizzle shaft soon so ya

Can you put a brine lacrosse shaft on a warrior head?

It shouldn't matter. Any head should fit on any shaft

Can you put a brine head on a rbk shaft?

Yes. On most sticks you can mix and match head and shafts.

Can a brine head fit on a stx shaft or will it be loose?

to make the head not loose put a wine cork in the shaft and screw through that to keep ypur head in place

Can you put a brine head on an easton shaft?

I'm pretty sure any boys head will fit on any boys shaft and any girls head will fit on any girls shaft

How do you put a Warrior Mojo head on an STX all pro shaft?

You put the head on put the screw in the hole and screw it shut. If your head is wobbly you can put a wine cork in the shaft and put the screw through the wine cork so it stays put

How do you fit a brine shaft to a de beers head?

put the shaft in the freezer for 3 minutes and use a hair dryer and use it by, heating all around the throat area (where the shaft meets the head) of the head for 1 minute should go on easily after that

Could you put an STX Bionic Lacrosse head on a Warrior Platinum shaft?

yes, you can but you might have too put some force into putting it on the shaft because the shaft has differant ridges but it will still fit "legally".

How do you put a lacrosse head on a shaft?

You slide the head on the shaft and put a screw in the hole on the back of the head so the head will stay on the shaft.

Could you put a STX super power lacrosse head on a warrior shaft?

i guess u could if it fits properly

Do you need a Crank Shaft Head to put on a Crank Shaft in Lacrosse?

I would recommend that you do put a crank shaft head on a crank shaft. Putting any other type of head on a crank shaft could possibly break the head.

Can a STX Proton Power head fit on a Brine f22 shaft?

Usually you can fit any head onto any head, try the hot water trick: you put a cup of water in the microwave for 3 minutes, and then stick the throat of the head in for around 30 seconds. then you should be able to slide the head on easily!

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