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Yes, a Lacrosse head can be put into hot water to soften the netting. Just be sure that the water is not boiling as it could either melt or weaken the plastic structure of the head. However, the best way to loosen the netting on a lacrosse head is to break it in by using it.

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You can either soak it in water to make it stretch but also it you put lotion on it will soften the mesh up a bit.

I think the best thing to do is get a pocket pounder and work with it a lot if u soak it in water then it will stretch but it will dry and hold the shape you have it in.

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Q: Can you put Lacrosse Head in hot water to soften?
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Can a harrow lacrosse shaft fit on a brine lacrosse head?

Yes, It may take a little bit of pressure, but it eventually will slide on. If you have trouble, run the throat (bottom part of head that connects to shaft) under some hot water, and then try sliding it on (this will soften up the plastic)

What supplies do you need to dye a lacrosse head?

rit die hot water container that fits lax head and water in it hot glue gun (optional) and time

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What is the best way to repair a broken lacrosse head?

To clean a Lax head you take out all of the mesh and then bleach the head.

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How do you remove a lacrosse head yourself if it refuses to move even a millimeter?

Run the throat and the upper part of the shaft under some hot water. Not boiling hot, but enough to loosen up the plastic so it'll come off more easily.

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