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Q: Can you play with 5 people in a round of golf?
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Time to play a round of golf?

About 3-5 hours, depends on the length of the course and pace of play.

How many people ever got 3 eagles in a round of golf?


How far do you walk when ride a cart in a round of golf?

About 5 miles

How many people have shot a round of golf 59?

the answer is 5. as of today (7/8/2010) when a 59 was recorded for the 5th time.

How often does a golfer in the UK play a round of golf?

It all depends how keen they are. Some would only play once a week all year round, but others would play 4-5 times a week April - October and maybe twice a week for the rest of the year.

What is cheaper bowling or mini golf?

Bowling can be cheaper if you play one game. The price varies though on how many games you play and if there's a special Without special Bowling- about $5 per game, about $2-3 for shoes Mini Golf- $10-12 for a round

How long does it take to play a game of eighteen hole golf?

Depends on how long the course is, how quick you play and how quick the people in front of you play, usually 3-5 hours.

Golfers lose on average about 5 golf balls per round of play?

Do they? I would lose 1 in about 3 rounds. It just depends how straight you hit it and how what hazards there are to lose balls in.

What makes a golf competition a non qualifier?

If there are less than 5 people playing in it i think. Or if the course is being worked on during the round, check on the EGU website.

How many rounds of golf did geoorge w bush play in office?

George W. Bush played 24 rounds of golf and never played after 2003 . Obama has played his 60th round as of today 3/5/2011 . Who can possibly confirm this information is correct?

How does golf help improve your fitness?

You get to walk 4-5 miles every round, very good exercise.

How many people have hit a double eagle in golf?


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