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You CAN, but SHOULD NOT. Go to the doctor. Get examined. Know what you are dealing with. Also do your own research to ask your doctor all the right questions. After you've looked at the pros and cons and if you truly feel you want to play, use a a knee brace. Ask your doctor for a sports knee brace (lightweight) that will provide proper support. No ordinary knee brace will do. You need lateral support. I tried playing with a partially torn ACL. I tore it completely during practice by not wearing a brace..trying to run and kick on wet ground. My knee gave out, huge popping sound, and I was out for the rest of the soccer season... My senior year and as Varsity Captain, no less. Soccer is a contact sport with lots of pivoting, which is hard on the knees. Take care.

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Q: Can you play soccer with a acl rupture?
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