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It should be safe to play Badminton after that period. Asking your doctor would be a good idea.

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Q: Can you play badminton after two years after angioplasty?
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How 2 play badminton?

to play Badminton you need two tennis rackets and a shuttle -Cock which is as special kind of ball that has a mini net arount it! heres a pic:

What is the name Sudirman related to?

Every two years there is a big badminton tournament called the Sudirman Cup named after Dick Sudirman, a former badminton player who started the Badminton Association of Indonesia.

How long does it take to play badminton?

The amount of time it takes for a person to properly learn the basics of badminton is dependant on their ability to learn new things but with proper training/practice, a person should be able to be able to play a simple game of badminton in about a day or two

What are the two objects of badminton?

The two equipments or objects of badminton are the shuttle cock and the racket.

Where did badminton come from?

The name of the game badminton is derived from the ancient Greek game known as Battledore and Shuttlecock and is a sport played with racquets, wither in singles, where two players play against each other, or in doubles, where four people play in two teams.

How old is the sport of badminton?

Badminton have existed at least two thousand years ago in a form of the game battledore and shuttlecock which were played in ancient China, Greece and India.

What are the materials needed for badminton?

For badminton, you need at least two badminton racquets, shuttlecocks (or birdies), a net or badminton string, and proper clothing and tennis shoes.

What is single in badminton?

it means 1 person in each team . There is even doubles in which two players in each team play.

In you spy spooky night where are the brass birdies?

They are the two lamp shades. It's a play on words, meaning Badminton birdies.

How many servings are there in badminton?


How many players are allowed to play badminton?

One player on each side of the court separated by the net on singles play and Two player on each side of the court separated by the net on doubles play.

How does the badminton court looks like?

A badminton court is a rectangular court, divided into two halves with a net in the center.

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