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Yes you can pinch hit for a batter once he is pitched to, but of course the new batter starts his at bat with the count of the batter previous.

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Q: Can you pinch hit for a batter after he is pitched too?
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What is the ruling when the pitched ball is hit then hits the catcher's mitt and falls to the ground?

if the cathcer is too close, a cather interference, if the batter is too far back, a batter interference

If a baseball was hit 90 mph would it be hit back by the batter at a speed of 120 mph?

It depends how hard the batter swings and where they hit the ball on the bat. If they hit it too close or far from their hands it wont go as fast as being hit right on the heart of the barrel

A batter throws his bat after his gets a hit is he out what about the hit is that too an out?

in MLB rules, there is no such thing as "being out for thowing your bat". This is a rule imposed at lower levels for the safety of the players

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How would you score this if the batter hits a ball the drops in center field but the runner at first is thrown out at second?

If the runner at second is out by being forced out, the batter is not given a base hit .... the play is ruled the same as if the ball was hit to an infielder that threw to second to force the runner. If the runner at second is out by being tagged because they rounded the base too far, the batter is given a base hit.

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What is timing in baseball?

Timing in baseball refers to hitting. This is when a batter is watching the ball after being pitched. You need to have proper timing on the ball in order to swing at the correct time. Swinging too early or too late would cause you to miss the ball.

Is the batter out or safe if a base runner gets hit by a ball?

the runner is out not the hitter but if he doesn't reach base before the ball is thrown to the base he would be out too.

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