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Use Google wikianswers is unlikely to be frequented by Vulcans, they be too busy for this site

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There are certain spots on the body that if you press or hit them, they hurt. one is in between your neck and your shoulder.

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Q: How do you pinch a nerve?
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Can you pinch a nerve in your wrist?

I did yesterday :(

What happens when you pinch a nerve?

If you pinch the nerve then you will have a reaction worse then what you would feel when you get a regular pinch. The nerve is the symptom that causes the pain when you get pinched , so if you get pinched on your nerve exactly then you would have very painful reaction that could maybe cause the place that got pinched to be numb for a few weeks. But to actually pinch the nerve you would have to open the last layer of skin. It would be nearly impossible to pinch the nerve so in that case pinching the nerve would hurt if you had surgery that cut through all of the layers of skin, and a doctor accidentally pinched it, but you can't pinch the nerve without all of the layers of skin open.

What's the best foods to eat for a pinch nerve?

Healthy Food

How do you do a subclavian nerve pinch?

Well actually, you don't really do the Subclavian Nerve pinch, it's more of a state-of-mind thing really.This is your only real problem, I know, I've studied these things.

If you pinch a nerve will it affect the brain?

No, aside from the brain knowing something does not feel right.

How do you paralyze someone's arms?

pinch the radial nerve causing a temporarly paralyzed arm.

Why is there a tingling sensation in the groin area when exercising the legs and abs?

you probably have a pinch nerve

Can the vulcan nerve pinch kill someone?

No this is only a rumor started by the writers of star trek.

How do you treat pinch nerve while cycling if sitting on the nerve?

While cycling there isn't much you can do, apart from doing as much as possible of the ride standing, out of the saddle.

Can a pinched nerve cause skin to itch?

I was just at the doctor and asked about an intense itching on my back. She diagnosed it as a pinch skin nerve. Apparently itching, with no visible rash, is a classic symptom of this type of pinched nerve.

Can a pinch nerve cause numbness?

Yes, a pinched nerve can cause facial numbness. However, a numb face is a sign of other issues as well, it is best to consult a doctor.

What are the long term effects of kyphosis?

you will eventually become a hunchback you could pinch a nerve either killing or paralyzing you