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A goal may be scored directly from a goal kick, but only against the opponents. You cannot score an own-goal directly from a goal kick.

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2010-04-05 15:55:33
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Q: Can you make a goal by a goal kick and it count?
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If you kick a field goal and hit an upright and still goes through into the end zone does it count?

Yes, the kick would count.

Does an own goal from a free kick count?

No. The restart would be a corner kick for the opposing team.

What are the soccer offense basics?

kick it in the goal kick it in the goal kick it in the goal kick it in the goal

If you kick off and no one else touches the ball and it goes into the goal does it count?


In a penalty shootout does a goal count if the goalkeeper saves in then goes in?

No it doesnt count as the kick has been taken and the goalkeeper has saved it

Define direct free kick in the game of soccer?

A direct free kick is a kick that requires only one person to touch it before it goes into the goal to count.

How to make a soccer goal?

(if your choosing) pass the ball to another player on your team, and kick it in the opposite teams goal (the goal where you need to score). or kick the ball in yourself.

Do you make goal by direct goal kick?

There is no such thing as a "Direct Goal Kick." Goals can be scored from Goal Kicks Goals can be scored from Direct Free Kicks According to FIFA Laws of the Game

Where does the ball have to be to score a goal in soccer?

A goal can be scored from anywhere on the pitch, even an opposing team's goal kick can count as a goal if it goes in. There are a few scenarios where a goal cannot be allowed - if a ball goes in from a throw-in without touching a player it cannot stand as a goal. If a goal is scored from an indirect free kick without being taken as such, it does not count. To be counted as a goal, the entire ball needs to cross the goal line, in between the two posts and underneath the crossbar.

Is a goal kick direct or indirect?

A goal kick is a different kick from a direct free kick or an indirect free kick. Your question appears to ask if a goal may be scored from a goal kick. Yes, it can, but only against the opponents. One cannot score an own-goal directly from a goal kick.

When a player is fouled while shooting in basketball does that shot count in their statistics?

Only if they make it. If they make it; it counts as a field goal attempt and a field goal make. If it is missed, it does not count as a missed field goal.

In soccer from a kick -off the player kicks the ball directily into the goal what is it?

If he kicks it into the opponent's goal, then a goal is awarded and a kick-off is given to the opposing team. If he kicks it into his own goal, then the kick was backwards and must be retaken. In some youth leagues (under 8) there are no direct kicks, so if the ball were untouched into the goal, the kick would be retaken. If a defender touched it on the way to the net, the goal would count. This is similar to a throw-in, which cannot score a goal directly.

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