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no. no.

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โˆ™ 2008-08-18 16:48:53
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Q: Can you land on your hands in long jump?
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Why are the long jump atheletes made to jump in sand pits?

So they land soflty

Can you jump and land on both feet then pass the ball?

If you have the ball in your hands to start with then no, that is called a travel

What are the physics of parkour?

jump-land-jump-land-jump-land-jump-landjump-FLIP-land-jump-land-jump-land-jumpTUMBLE-land-walk away slowly looking cool

Back hand spring?

A back handspring is a back flip with hands. In other words you jump back and flip yourself backwards with you hands and land on your feet

Do hamsters jump out of your hands?


How many feet do you take off and land on in long jump?

normally 3

How do you do a flip in new Super Mario Bros wii?

Start walking while holding down the 1 button. When you reach full speed (he holds his hands the opposite way you're running) jump using 2. Right when you land, jump again. After you land from that, jump a third time right when you land and you will flip.

How do you land a front flip?

it depends on your hands .. ~Without Hands~ Jump up instead of forwards, tuck your knees into your stomach tight and MAKE SURE you turn quickly .. if you jump forwards you will not have as much time to turn , if you dont tuck your knees you wont turn as fast and if you dont turn quickly you wont be able to do a full rotation and land on your feet. Remember to untuck your legs to land but if you untuck too soon you will fall backwards but concentrate on doing a full rotation before even thinking about landing :) ~With Hand~ Jump up and turn upside down as if doing a handstand. When your hands touch the ground be sure to quickly flip your legs over. BE QUICK. If your hands are on the ground for to long you wont get the speed and power you need to land. I hope this helps :)

How do you perform a backwards long jump in super Mario 64?

DO a regular long jump forward, and when you land do another one, and after about two jumps hold the opposite direction and you should do a backward long jump. Works best w/ Luigi.

How do you Pro-Hop?

A Pro-Hop is a move that is more formally known as the "jump-stop" or "jump-step." A jump-step is when you are driving or moving with the ball and then putting both hands on the ball to do a jump towards any direction you wish, landing on both feet at the same time. If you don't land on your feet at the same time, it is considered a travel. After you land, you can only jump, pass, or score- not move. You cannot move at all after you land.

How do you do the somersault jump in new Super Mario Brothers?

jump then as you land jump again then as you land jump again and you should do a somersault

Why do you stutter when im doing long jump?

Because you wanted to land with the right foot.

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