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The team who just was fouled gets the ball at the free throw line, shoots the free throws, the the team who just shot the free throws gets the ball out of bounds close to where the foul happened. In example: Say you get pushed from the back at the top of the key. You will shoot two free throws, then you will get the ball straight across from where the foul took place, on the side lines. Under the basket technical fouls are under the basket out of bounds. There like a regular foul in where you take it out. Different in the free throws because no one is around you.

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No, the other team gets 2 free throw shots and possession of the ball if a technical foul is commited

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yes if you commited the technical foul

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Q: Can you keep possession of the basketball if you committed a technical foul?
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What does a technical foul for taunting in basketball mean?

It means that a player was taunting (making fun of, instigating, egging on) and that results in a technical foul. A free throw for the other team plus possession after.

What is an infraction in basketball?

a foul?

What is international foul?

In basketball, an intentional foul is deliberately committed by a defensive player with a purpose to stop the play. The penalty or penalties of an intentional foul are foul shots from the fouled player in exchange for ball possession.

Is a technical foul counted as a team foul in high school basketball?


Can a basketball player not get the MVP award if they get a technical foul?

Ofcourse they can get the MVP award even though they have had a technical foul.......

Is there ever a situation you can keep the basketball after a technical foul?


If you fall in possession of the basketball is it automatically a traveling foul?

yes it is an automatic violation

Is it a technical foul in basketball if only 4 players are on the court?


What happens in basketball when you take a time out and you don't have anyleft?

You get a technical foul.

Is a technical foul counted as a personal foul in high school basketball?

a techical foul is when you say yell at the ref perposly push some one down yell at a coach and or player ect while a flagrant foul is you accidently hit someones hand or touch arm or run into them

What is the basic hand signals in basketball?

technical foul,e legal dribbling

What happens if you argue with an official?

Basketball: Technical Foul (Tech) Football: Penalty