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technical foul,e legal dribbling

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Q: What is the basic hand signals in basketball?
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What three things will an official in basketball do to identify that a violation has occurred?

An official will blow a whistle, have major hand movement and hand signals.

How do you score hand signals in basketball activity?

I think you should redefine your question. I have no Idea what ur talking about.

Who invented basketball signals?

There are different signals in basketball but if we talk about the first rule, James Naismith was the first person ever to published the basketball rules in 1891. The early rules and signals were quite different from the current signals. But more or less it is evolved from James Naismith's published rules.

Why do basketball officials use hand signals?

Hand signals are used by referee's to relay the information of what foul took place to the stat officials sitting at the scorer's table. Using hand signals, the referee's do not need to walk over to the table and tell exactly what foul occurred, instead they use hand signals to describe the foul and which player committed the foul.

Is hand signals preferable over turn signals?

Turn signals are definitely preferred. Most drivers don't look for hand signals, but, they do look for turn signals. Some people don't even know how to make correct hand signals while driving.

What should you do if turn signals fail?

Use hand signals.

Is it still legal to use hand signals when driving a car in georgia.?

Yes, it is legal to use hand signals when driving. In fact if your turn signal goes out you should use hand signals.

What are the two basic kinds of electronic signals?

The two basic kinds of electronic signals are analog signals and digital signals. Analog signals are continuous and can take on any value within a given range, while digital signals are discrete and represent information as a series of binary values (0s and 1s).

Does motorcycle in tn need turn signals?

No, but you will need to use hand signals.

Why the player in basketball are numbered from 4?

Holding up one, two or three fingers are hand signals for various things (e.g. three seconds in the key) used by the referee. Because of this, players are barred from using those numbers to avoid confusion when the referee signals a player's number.

What is a dominant hand in basketball?

Your mom is the dominant hand >:)

Why do you never see a 6 7 8 or 9 on a college basketball jersey?

because umps and refs only have 5 fingers - they use hand signals to indicate the number of the play who comitts a foul,