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Yes, that's how, sometimes, the ball gets stuck on the hoop. It gets wedged between the backboard and the side of the rim.

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Q: Can you hit the backboard while the ball is on the rim?
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Nba rebound their own miss even if it does not touch the rim or backboard?

If a player shoots and it doesn't hit the backboard or rim, and they catch it before it hits the floor, it's a travel. The ball either has to: a) Hit the rim or backboard. b) Hit the ground before the player can retain possession again.

When the ball bounces off the backboard or rim?

dead ball

If the ball goes off the rim and over the backboard is it out of bounds?

If the ball goes off the rim and over the backboard then it is out of bounds. If it goes off the rim and hits the top of the backboard but falls back in play on the front side of the backboard, then it isn't out of bounds.

If a basketball player throws the ball off the backboard the ball does not hit the rim and he catches the ball is that travelling?

NO it doesn't as you are not touching the ball and moving with it in your hands

What is the call when the basketballs stuck on rim and backboard?


If a player hit just backboard and not the rim can he receive the ball?

as long as the ball makes contact with anything in play, their teammate or opposition or backboard or rim, then the player can receive the ball back. Players throw ally-oops to themselves off the backboard a few times a year. If you do not know answers please do not add yes or no answers and hope you are correct.

What is it called when the ball bounces off the rim of backboard when the shot is missed?

A shot off the rim. what is it call when u bounce the ball in the rim and u miss it?

Is tipping the ball to a teammate a rebound?

only if the ball comes off of the rim or backboard of the basket

What is it called when a player grabs a ball that is coming off the rim or backboard?


What is a shot called that completely misses the rim and backboard?

it is called a air ball

What is called when to grab the ball off of the rim or backboard after a shot is missed?


On a foul shot does the ball need to hit the rim?

In basketball the ball on a foul shot the ball must hit the rim or another player before the man throwing the ball can touch it. That is the Wilt Chamberlain rule. He would throw the ball against the backboard, catch it, and throw it in for 2 points. That is not permitted any more.

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