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Yes, then he or she can handle it. If you just kick it back to him or her then they can't handle it and must kick it. If an opposing team member has made contact with the ball or had a shot, the goal keeper may handle the ball.

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Q: Can you head the ball back to your goalie in soccer?
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When is the only time a goalie can hold a soccer ball above his or her head with both hands?

You can hold the ball above your head at any time in the match with both hands.

What was the first soccer ball?

The first soccer ball used was the head of a captured prisoner

What are you not allowed to use while playing soccer?

In soccer, you are not allowed to use your arms (unless you are the goalie) and in some cases, your head as well.

What sport do you head the ball in?


Can you die from a soccer ball?

If the soccer ball hits a certain part of your head then yes you could die.

An overview of soccer?

Soccer is a sport where there is a large rectangular field with netted goals on each end of the field. The point of the game is to try to make the soccer ball go in the opposing teams net. You have to keep the ball in bounds. If your team kicks the ball out of bounds, the opposing team throws the ball in with two hands over the head, making sure to keep their feet on the ground. You must only use your feet in this game, except for throw-ins. Also, the goalie can pick the ball up when the ball is in the area marked off that is close to the goal. The goalie must try to not allow the ball to make it into the net. If a goal is scored, the opposing team scores one point. If someone uses their hands on the field and they are not the goalie, there is a penalty called. When this happens, the ball is placed on the ground from which the foul occurred and the opposite kicks the ball. That is a basic overview of soccer!!! GOOD LUCK!!!!

What is it called when a soccer player deflects the ball with his head?

Giving head

How does a soccer ball represent a person?

it represents a persons head in a ball shape!

Did human heads ever get used for a soccer ball?

yes....back in the ancient originated from England...and it was played with 5 people in each team....and if your team lost...they would kill you and use your head as a soccer ball....

What is heading when you play soccer?

When you touch the ball with your head and it goes away it is called heading. you can head a ball into the net.

What is it called in soccer when a player contacts the ball with their head?

A "header".

What is two ways to score in soccer?

Kick the ball into the net or hit the ball with your head into the net.