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This depends on what you are doing. Usually you need to take an advanced diver course if you are wreck or cave diving.

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Q: Can you go on a recreational wreck scuba dive without being certified?
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What type of pressure is to do with diving?

recreational diving is usually done with 3000 psi of air in a certified SCUBA tank

Can you rent scuba equipment without copy of certification card?

If you are not certified No you cannot rent scuba gear

How do people learn to scuba dive?

They take scuba lessons from a certified scuba instructor.

Do scuba divers breath pure oxygen?

Technical scuba divers do, but recreational divers do not.

What are some of Jamaica's recreational activities?

Scuba diving.

Can you go on a recreational wreck dive without being certified in scuba diving?

There is no law against it ... but it is a disaster waiting to happen. People don't know what they don't know. Not to be morbid, but even in our location people have died by a friend taking them out in 15 feet of water. You need to get certified and then continue your education to do the dives you want to do. Your life is not worth satisfying a curiosity and short cutting necessary classes.

How do you get NAUI junior scuba certified?

Take a class from a NAUI scuba instructor.

How far down can a scuba diver dive?

Maximum depth for a recreational scuba diver is 130 feet.

How deep can an advanced scuba diver go?

The maximum depth for a recreational scuba diver is 130 feet.

Where can you get certified for scuba diving in Iowa?

Clinton :)

Do you need to be scuba certified to be able to purchase scuba gear or a tank?

As far as I know, No you do not.

What is the purpose of scuba?

SCUBA was invented for recreational and practical purposes. Some use SCUBA to experience underwater life in person, whereas others use SCUBA to perform underwater tasks, such as welding.

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