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You you either need a bathysphere or "Scuba" equipment.

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Q: What gear do you need to deepsea dive?
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How do you get deepsea tooth?

You get it from Captain Stern in Slateport City after finding the Scanner in the Abandoned Ship but you need a Pokemon with Dive.

How do you get a deepsea tooth in Pokemon ruby?

First you need to go through the abandoned ship and get a scanner from a scientist in there Note: need dive, then give the scanner to captain stern and he will allow you to choose either a deepsea scale or deepsea tooth obviously you want the tooth. Finally have a clamperl hold the deepsea tooth then trade it to a friend then take it back and it will be huntail, if you chose the scale you will get gorebyss instead of huntail.

need to find a store in or around Ocean City, Maryland that sells scuba dive equipment and gear?

There is a store called Scuba Dive that sells equipment and gear in Ocean City

How does clamperl evolve?

To evolve Clamperl, you need to give it either the Deepsea Tooth or the Deepsea Scale, then trade it. It will then evolve into either a Huntail or Gorebyss, depending on which item you make it hold. A Clamperl with a Deepsea Tooth will evolve into a Huntail, and a Clamperl with a Deepsea Scale will evolve into a Gorebyss.

How do you dive on big nate island?

To dive for Cap'n Salty's lost lobster trap at Puffin Point, you need diving gear. Catch the old photo that is blowing in the air by the lighthouse, and swap it for diving gear at the Say Cheese photo shop.

Is the correct term - snorkel gear or snorkeling gear?


Does a clamperl evolve?

Yes, but u will need to trade it, and make it hold a deepsea tooth or deepsea scale. then trade. it will then evolve into haintail or gorebyss.

Where can one find good deals on dive gear in Ontario?

You can find great deals of dive gear from any specialist dive store in Ontario. These include Dave's Dive Shop, and Groundhog Divers, among other stores.

where can I purchase dive gear?

There are a number of on-line providers for dive gear. including You could also do a quick search for suppliers in your area.

How can you dive in the water on Big Nate Island?

You need the diving gear from the Say Cheese photo shop. Catch the old photo that is blowing in the wind next to the left side of the Lighthouse. You can trade it for the diving gear, then dive at Puffin Point to recover Cap'n Salty's lobster trap.

What is better a deepsea too or a deepsea scale in emerald?

deepsea tooth gets you huntail while deepsea scale gets you gorebyss. You can decide which on you think is better now.

Where can one find more information about Dive Light?

The website titled the best scuba dive gear has a lot of good information on scuba gear in general. They have a section describing the various types of dive lights and which is best in different situations.

Can you cheat to get a deepsea scale and a deepsea tooth?

cheating is wrong.

When was Deepsea skate created?

Deepsea skate was created in 1896.

Where can I find children's gear for a dive?

Dive gear for all ages can usually be found in specialty shops. Most shops carry a variety of styles that and sizes for age ranges from children to adults.

What to evolve with deepsea scale and a deepsea tooth?

Clampearl have it hold it then trade it.

Where are the lobsters on big nate?

in the water were the jet ski's are but first you need the photo to get the head gear to dive under water were the lobster and lobster trap are

What are the ratings on Dive Rite gear?

Dive Rite gear has many reviews available online. Most reviews rate them at four to five stars and have glowing reviews on their durability and construction as well as value.

Poptropica how can you go underwater big nate?

You need to have the gear if you do put it on from your ineventory and go tothe water and there will be a button dive your now in the water! === ===

Where is the last key in the abandoned boat on emerald on Pokemon emerald in the abandonedboat?

you first need dive, and surf, and you can get dive from steven in mossdeep city. When you get to the ship, there will be 1 room with a little pond, surf and dive. Go through the other end, and then look for the keys.I think the last key will be on the 5 or 6 room. The scanner will be in the second room. They guy you present it to( the manin the north of the ship) will ask you to bring it to stern, which he is either in the Lilycove or Slateport city harbor. Then, he'll exchange it with you for a deepsea tooth, or scale.

How old do you need to be to scuba dive?

you need to be 10 to scuba dive.

What machine dives deepest into the ocean?

The Deepsea Challenger Sub recorded the deepest dive into the Mariana's Trench. James Cameron became the first person to reach 6.8 miles down to the floor of the trench.

What is the farthest dive done in scuba gear?

All the way to the bottom.

What dive gear should be bought first?

If you are getting ready to take dive lessons, just buy a snorkel and mask. They will provide for you or rent you the rest of the equipment. If your certified then buy a wetsuit, mask, snorkel and fins. Rent a bcd until you know what you like or don't like or what you really need. You may know by the time your certified. Do some research on BCD's, they are all pretty good but it is important to get the one you are most comfortable with. The same with a air tank just rent until you know what you need or want. Don't let anyone push you into buying any gear until you are comfortable buying it. I sell dive gear and wouldn't sell you anything that you are not ready to buy.

How can you dive to the Lusitania?

No Specialized gear is needed to dive to the depths where the Lusitania rests. At 450 feet the wreck is not available to sport divers.