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yes u can

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Q: Can you get a sports trainer job on A Campus?
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What sports can you do for a job?

Almost every sport has a job whether you are an athlete, a coach or manager, a trainer, an assistant, and more.

What are some job opportunites avaviablr in sports medicine?

Physical Therapist or Athletic Trainer

What kind of a job can you get with a bachelor's degree in health science with a concentration in exercise science?

You could probably get a job in sports health and as a councelor in sports health or a trainer.

Who is the first sports sports trainer in the world?


How do you get a job as a personal trainer?

You need to become certified as a personal trainer first. Then, you can get a job at a gym as a personal trainer.

What is the best sports trainer?

the best sports is football basketball score

What features should a sports trainer have?

These are only a few of the qualities that a sports trainer should have:- Knowledge of the game-Patience-Intelligence-Passion

What is the difference between tutor and trainer?

Tutor is usually for eduction and trainer is usually for sports

Can a convicted felon get a job as a personal trainer?

can a felon be a personal trainer

What type of sports does the university of phoenix have?

They say that the University of Phoenix doesn't have any sports on its campus.

How do you answer why you want to be a trainer?

You need to answer why you want to be a trainer by explaining what interests you have in the job. You also should list what types of strengths you have for the job.

What will be your Major if you want to be a sports trainer?

Kinesiology is the major.

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