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Physical Therapist or Athletic Trainer

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Q: What are some job opportunites avaviablr in sports medicine?
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What are some possible Careers in Sports Medicine?

Physical Therapy is a career for Sports Medicine

What are some advancement possibilities in sports medicine?

Some advancement possibilities in sports medicine include senior level sports medicine technician. It also includes advancement in the fields of nutrition, physical therapy, and athletic trainer.

What are sports medicine doctors?

Sports Medicine Doctors are just what it says. They deal with sports injuries. Some perform therapy on injured legs, etc., and tend to open wounds, sprains, etc.

Where can I obtain a degree in sports medicine?

Most universities offer sports medicine as a degree. Even some smaller institutions offer sports medicine as a degree. It is hard to get specific because without knowing where you are from I can't say the best schools in your area.

What are employment opportunites for an anesthesiologist?

what are some possible places of employment for an anesthesiologist?

What are some proper titles of sports trainers?

TherapistHealth/ NutritionistSports Medicine ( team doctor)

What are some advanced opportunities while being a Pediatrician?

What are advancement opportunites for being a physician

What is the average salary of sports medicine?

about 200,000 dollars for an average. it can get to 300,000 at some places ad even higher after that

How did you get started in this sport?

to get started in sports medicine you must go to college for at least4 to 8 years and earn your doctorate degree here are some websiters that show you the list of the best colleges for thisEducation portal-list of schools that offer sports and list of best colleges for sports medicine.

Where online can I get an accredited certification in sports nutrition?

When continuing your education online regardless of the courses one may take it is important to make sure they are legitimate and accredited as many are not. Some online websites that are accredited and have courses to get a sports medicine certification are: National Academy of Sports Medicine and ISSA online both are highly recommended.

What is the most affordable school to get a degree in sports medicine?

Many colleges and universities around the world offer degrees in sports medicine. Some of the more well known and prestigious schools will be alot more expensive. In order to cut some of the cost an option to look into is beginning a college career at a junion or community college.

Why are some students not interested in sports?

Different people have different interests. Sports simply has no appeal to some students, most commonly those whose physical skills are less developed compared to their intellectual skills. There are numerous professions associated with sports, from professional players and coaches to sports medicine to lawyers and agents. Normally people who were good at sports would be more interested in these types of jobs.

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