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Q: Can you free skate in Skate it?
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Related questions

Can you play two players on free skate Skate 2?


If I uninstalled true skate can I get it back free?

No. If you uninstall your true skate, then you cannot get it back for free.

Is there a free code for Skate 3 skate share pack code?


Does the action replay DS work for the game Skate it - if so does it unlock all the locations for free-skate?

1: Yes, Action Replay DS can be used on Skate it. 2: If you find an Action Replay code for "Skate it: Unlock all locations for free-skate".

How do you get free skate shoes?

The most likely way to get free skate shoes is to get sponsored by the company you want shoes from.

Why is it easier to skate on ice than it is to walk on ice?

That'd only be true if you know how to skate. But if you know how to skate, a skate will only slide forward or back, while a shoe is free to slide in all directions.

Is the vans skate park free?


Is skate 3 better than skate 2?

Skate 3 and skate 2 are the same kind of. Dont waste your money on skate 3. Just buy skate 2.

What is the difference between Skate 2 and skate it?

Skate it is for Nintendo systems. Skate 2 is for PS3 and Xbox 360

Can I get free shipping on skate shoes?

The company Zappos does offer free shipping if you purchase 100 dollars or more in shoes. You can find them at the website

Is skate it the same as skate 2?

its the ds equivalent of skate (1)

Where can one perform skate ramp?

One can perform skate ramp at a local skate park. It is also possible to perform skate ramp if someone purchases a skate ramp. This way, one can privately perform skate ramp.

What should buy Skate 3 or Skate 2 for xbox Skate 3 is 13 pounds Skate 2 is 18 pounds I can play online on Skate 2 with friends but not on Skate 3 because they dont have it What should I buy?


How do you get on to skate park on Skate 3?

It is very easy to get to Skate Park to Skate 3. The player will need to make a certain amount of board sells to unlock the mission to get to the skate park.

What hobbies do chaz ortiz like?

he likes to skate skate skate that is he life practically he also likes to go out and skate with his friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What are some skateboarding games?

if you have a ds or wii then skate it is a great game. and for xbox360 and ps2 there is skate it, skate 2, and skate 3.

What game is better Skate 2 or Skate 3?

skate 3 for me cause i get better fps and can join freinds

Can you call roller skate as roll skate?

No, the proper term is roller skate.

What do you do in a skate competition?

You skate.

What is an antonym for skate?

Not skate

How do skate shops get noticed?

A friend of mine owns a skate shop. He gives out free t-shirts with his store name across the front to the skaters in the neighborhood. They were them to the skate park and such. He gets a lot of business off of that alone.

What is the difference between knowing how to figure skate and learning how to figure skate?

You can know how to figure skate and still be learning how to figure skate. the answer to your question really depends on who you ask. I know how to figure skate but I am still learning.

Is Skate 1 or 2 better?

Of course it is opinion but a majority of people say Skate 1 is better. On Skate 1 you can get more board sponsors and the physics of skating are more realistic on Skate 1. However Skate 1 slightly lacks the quality of the graphics that Skate 2 has in store. Skate 1 is cheaper than Skate 2 as it was an earlier release. Skate 1 I would say is the better game but that is a matter of opinion.

Where can you find skate boarding parks?

Depending upon where one lives, it should not be too difficult to locate a skate boarding park. There are five skating boarding parks in Maryland: Bowie Skate Park, Gaithersburg Skate Park, Greenbelt Skate Park, Rockville Skate Park and Olney Manor skate Park.

How do you get Skate 3 FREE?

When is Dawnguard coming out for PS3