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Q: Can you fit any type of skateboard wheels on any skateboard?
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Will any skateboard trucks fit any skateboard wheels?

Yes, if you purchase or have any skateboard trucks they will fit any wheels. the bearings are the part that actually connects to the trucks. the bearings go in the wheels; the wheels with bearings go onto the trucks and are bolted on. -- everyday skater Blaze

Can you use any trucks and wheels for a skateboard?

Most trucks and wheels will fit on any deck.

What kind of skate bearings fit 52mm wheels?

All skateboard bearings will fit ANY sized skateboard wheel because the bearing hole is designed to be the same in all wheels.

Will longboard trucks fit on a 8.5 skateboard?

I think it's a yes because the wheels won't stick out of the sides.yes they will

Can you put ripstik wheels on a skateboard?

you can't, i know your thinking that because its faster. ripstiks are my faveourite though. ripstik wheels are to large and dont fit that bolt

Can Corvette wheels fit an El Camino?

The corvette style wheels will fit on any elcamino if they are older style rally wheels.

What type of bushings would fit a penny skateboard?

just normal bushings

Do any wheels fit any trucks?

no.because the size and structure of every wheels is not same.

What is a quick way to deliver newspapers?

1. Ride in a car 2. Ride a bike, skateboard, scoter, or any type of thing with wheels. 3. Just run (hehe) 4. Get a Cart with good wheels that can fit allot of papers, this will save you allot of back ache and time from running back home to get more papers.

Do longboard wheels work on a skateboard?

Longboard wheels have a small hub, or core, inside it. Skateboard wheels also have this. This allows you to put bearings inside of both of them and can interchange what trucks you put on it. Generally, longboard wheels fit on normal skateboard trucks but a problem you will encounter is wheelbite. You may need to sand the board for wheel wells or put big risers on your board. Another solution is buying harder bushings for less turn and lean.

Will Rubicon 16s fit a Jeep Wrangler X?

Be more specific TJ Rubicon wheels will fit on any TJ model X, Sahara, SE, RME, Apex, Willys, ect. TJ WHEELS WILL NOT FIT ON A JK AND JK WHEELS WILL NOT FIT ON A TJ JK Rubicon wheels will fit on any JK

What Mercedes wheels will fit a 1986 Mercedes 300e?

Any place that sells rims can tell you exactly what kinds of wheels will fit.

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