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If you dribble a Basketball higher than your shoulders that is called a carry and you turn over the ball.

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Q: Can you dribble a basketball higher than your shoulders?
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Does a rubber basketball bouce higher than a leather basketball?

Yes, a rubber basketball WILL bounce higher than a leather one, but leather balls generally have better grip and are mush easier to shoot and control on the dribble.

Does the surface on which you dribble a basketball affect the basketballs bounce?

Yes, of course. For example, if you dribble it on carpet it wouldn't go as high than on pavement.

How does the basketball work?

The way it works is that you can not run or dribble the basketball (back when it was invented). You can not take more than one step with the ball.

What are the rules for single handed dribble in basketball?

If you dribble with one hand you don't have any rules other than: If you hold the ball and move it is travelling. If you stop dribbling then start again it will be a double dribble. I hope this helps narrow it down

Why are some men's shoulders broader than others?

Broader shoulders are associated with higher levels of testosterone.

Is it double dribble in basketball when you pick up the ball and start dribbling?

a double dribble is when you start dribbling than you stop to try to pass the ball to another player and you can not see anyone to pass it to than you just start dribbling again it is a double dribble or a foul and its a throw in for the other team

How high can you trow a basketball?

Higher than you

What trajectory high or lower would you make basketball in the hoop?

You would make the basketball about 5 inches higher than the basketball hoop. Make sure you body is square to the hoop, your feet are shoulders width apart and your elbow doesn't go farther than a 90 degree angle. Recommend This Please.

What do you do to dribble a ball in basketball?

Because, the refs will call traveling on you.( that's not dribbling the ball or taking more than 3 steps. ;)

Will a rubber basketball bounce higher than a leather basketball?

A rubber basketball will bounce higher than a leather basketball of equal internal pressure. The leather covering adds additional weight and is less flexible.

Can you show me ten basketball rules?

1. You can not dribble with 2 hands 2. You can't take more than 2 steps without dribbling

Will a basketball bounce higher than a soccerball?

Of course yes.

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