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no steriods are not legal in the professional Basketball leage.

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โˆ™ 2007-10-16 22:58:06
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Q: Are steroids legal in professional basketball?
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What basketball player has did steroids?

The question you're looking for is 'What basketball player has DONE steroids?'.

Are steroids legal in bodybuilding?

Steroids are not legal in any sport. In fact, anyone caught on steroids could be prosecuted.

Where can you get steroids?

From a medical professional

Is Anabolic steroids legal or illegal?

most countries they are illegal,unless you are buying "Legal Steroids"

Are steroids legal in Argentina?


Are steroids legal in Amsterdam?


Are steroids legal in Switzerland?


Are steroids legal in Germany?


Are steroids legal in Nicaragua?

Steroids are completely legal in nicaragua and can be easily bought cheaply over the counter

Are steroids used in basketball?

Yes, I suppose some players may have used steroids.

Did LeBron James every use steroids?

to be honest prob not, and basketball is not the sport for steroids

Are steroids legal in India?


What is the greatest basketball controversy of all-time?


What is the difference between legal and illegal steroids?

Illegal steroids are used for body building. legal steroids are prescribed by doctors.there are also online website that dont require a script

Length of professional basketball game?

Length of professional basketball game is 48min.

What are the legal drugs you can use in sport?


Are Steroids legal in Korea?

NO, look how small they are

What is the legal name for anabolic steroids?

Legal "Chemical Classification": anabolic / androgenic steroids. Legal classification: a schedule 3 controlled substance / felony in the United States

What is the control to make the perfect shot in basketball?

take steroids and do drugs and you will be pretty good in basketball

Where can one purchase legal steroids?

Neo Meds and Zoe Labs are two online sites that sell legal steroids with out a prescription. Roids Pharm, Spray Flex, and Stack labs are a few more sources of legal steroids.

How many professional athletes use steroids?


What is the exact number of professional athletes that use steroids?

that number probably could not be calculated because there are many professional athletes that get away with taking steroids everyday

When did professional basketball teams start organizing?

when did professional basketball team start organizing

When was the Dunk allowed?

From 1967-1977 were the only years the dunk was not allowed in the NCAA. It has always been legal in professional basketball

What is Wisconsin's professional basketball team?

The Milwaukee Bucks are currently Wisconsin's professional basketball team.