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Yes, but you would probably never see it done since then the play would be about ten yards (where the ball would be held for the PAT try) instead of two yards. Yes.

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Q: Can you challenge a two point coversion in the nfl?
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Can you call a challenge under two minutes in the second quarter of a nfl game?

No, at that point in the game they are automatic booth reviews.

If a NFL coach wins a challenge does he keep or lose that challenge?

If a NFL Coach wins the challenged play, he still loses one of his two challenges. If both challenges succeed, then the team is awarded a third challenge.

Can you challenge a challenge in the NFL?

You can't ... all challenges in the final two minutes of each half (in the NFL) are initiated by the replay judges. If the replay judges determines that the play should be reviewed they will notify the referee.

When can a team attempt a two point conversion in the NFL?

After a touchdown

In the NFL can you score on a intercepted two point try?

No. All other levels leading up to the NFL you can though.

When was the two point conversion in the Canadian football league implemented?

The NFL began allowing 2-point-conversion attempts in 1994.

Did the 1985 Chicago Bears ever use the two point conversion?

No. The two-point conversion play was disallowed when the AFL merged into the NFL and was not resurrected until 1994.

How many challenges per half in the NFL?

Each team gets 2 challenges to start the game. If the team uses both challenges and is successful with both, they get a third challenge. If the team uses both challenges and is not successful with both, they do not get a third challenge. Three is the most challenges a team can have in an NFL game.

Who was the first team to successfully complete a 2 point conversion in the nfl?

Cleveland Browns against the Cincinnati Bengals on September 4, 1994. The Browns actually faked a PAT kick and holder Tom Tupa ran into the end zone for the first NFL two point conversion.

When was instant replay first used in the NFL?

I am not sure of the exact game but it was during the 1999 season. Here is a link to a good description of instant replay over the years. -----The answer above describes instant replay in the context of helping game officials make the correct call. The first time instant replay was used in an NFL broadcast was during a preseason game between the 49ers and Colts on August 6, 1965.

If a two-point conversion is intercepted can it be run back for a touchdown?

No.In the NFL, if a pass is intercepted on a two-point conversion, the play is dead.In college football, if a pass is intercepted on a two-point conversion, the intercepting team is given the opportunity to gain as much yardage as they can. Should they run the ball all the way into the end zone, they are awarded two points.

When was the last time NFL had two by weeks in a season?

The NFL season had two bye weeks in the 1993 season.