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yes you can i even saw it on the nba website

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Q: Can you call a timeout while dribbiling if you have possession of the ball?
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Can you call a timeout while dribbiling the ball if you have possession?

yes you can i even saw it on the nba website

What are the techiques of dribbling a ball?

Well, you should look up while dribbling, keep dribbiling too.

Can you call a timeout on defense in high school basketball?

No, the only times where one can call a timeout is when their team has possession of the ball or when there is a dead ball, which means the clock is stopped (out of bounds, foul called, etc.).

Can a player call timeout while in control of the ball but going out of bounds?


Does a player have to have two feet on the ground in basketball to constitute possession of the ball?

No. You can have one foot on the ground or no feet on the ground as long as the player has secured the ball. ie. A player can signal for a timeout in mid-air as long as he/she has secured the ball and signaled for the timeout before stepping out of bounds.

Can a soccer player steal the ball from a keeper while not having full possession of the ball?

If the goalkeeper does not have possession, then yes. Be careful how you define "possession" before attempting it. Having a hand firmly on top of the ball while it is on the ground is possession, for example.

Can you call a timeout without the ball?


In men's lacrosse can you push a player out of bounds and gain possession of the ball?

Yes, if you push him out of bounds while he has the ball, it is your ball. Or a change of possession if that is easier to understand

Is slapping allowed in basketball?

No there isn't allowed slapping in basketball. If you want to, you can try and take the ball away from another person while dribbiling. Just try not to hit them. Then you would get a foul.

NFL Possession while in the air?

By definition, a ball "in the air" is a loose ball, and therefore no one has possession. However, depending upon the circumstances, it's possible that only one team has the right to gain possession (for example, a punted ball).

In football can one offensive player call time out while another offensive player has the ball but has not been tackled?

No, a timeout can not be called until the player with the ball is down or out of bounds.

Where should the referee inbound the ball when a team calls a timeout?

The referee inbounds the ball near the top of the three point line on the side line if a team decides to call a timeout!

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