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Of course you can! why not?

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Q: Can you buy ballet shoes even though your not a ballerina?
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Who invented ballet tutus?

The legendary ballerina Marie Carmago did a lot to change the fashion of ballet so as to evolve it. She shortened the ballet skirt to allow more leg and foot movement, put on the now currently fashionable ballet tights--even cut the heels off her shoes so she could have more respectable footwork.

Can i be a prima ballerina even though i have terrible feet?

Yes, you can! If you have talent as a ballet dancer, you can be a ballerina. You just need to work hard at building up your arches, and strengthening your feet. You can do this by wearing good, supportive street shoes, working with a theraband as much as possible, and asking your teachers for ways to build your arches in class. Certain pointe shoes can also make your feet look good or bad. Ask your teacher what kind of pointe shoes you can wear to emphasize your arch. Hope this helps!

Do you think that ballerinas are flirty for men?

Personally, I do not think that ballerina's are flirty for men. That is not to say that some men may not find ballerina's to be attractive or even desirable. Ballerina's dance gracefully and ballet is an art. There is little sexual about it.

What types of dance can you do with jazz tap and ballet shoes?

You can tap in a tap shoe, you can do jazz in your jazz shoe, and you can do character, classical, or muscial or play ballet. You can even do pointe in ballet. In jazz shoes you can also do lyrical!

What is the theme of the book Ballet Shoes?

Following your dream even when it seems impossible.

Is ballet start in France?

No, it actually didn't, even though the Classical Ballet words are in French. Classical Ballet first started in Italy!

What degrees can ballerinas get relating to ballet?

If you are going to be a professional ballet dancer or ballerina (ballerinas are usually the name given to a soloist or principal in a company) then you are usually selected to train and be with a company before the age of 13. 13 is often seen as too late even! But if you wish to train in ballet and not necessarily be a ballerina, then there are many degrees/diplomas at performing arts schools such as Laine which offer ballet classes as a key part of your time there.

What are some ballet facts?

ballet is graceful You need to be tall and thin you use ballet shoes or pointe shoes for this dance Uses classical music ballet focuses on 5 positions ballet developed in Italy women have more importance than men You DO NOT have to be tall and thin to be a ballerina, these ballerinas are only found in operatically performances. The true 'dance school ballerina' is not always tall and thin and there is no need to be, some of the best dancers in my school aren't the tallest or the thinnest and i resent people stereotyping. It is true, you do not have to be tall or thin to be a ballet dancer. You also don't have to use classical music. Ballet also has SIX positions. (though the sixth is usually not focused on until you start pointe) Also, women have only recently become more important than men, and even in that case it isn't always true. (Men used to be the definite stars of the shows. All the women did was gracefully move from pose to pose until they started taking the corsets off) Ballet originated in Italy yes, but it also started in Russia and France.

Which language is ballet usually taught in?

Ballet is all French words. Even though it is French it is taught all over the world.

Are you suitable for being a dancer even though you do not do ballet dancing?

no... well..... there are jazz dancers and tap dancers but if you want to be good take ballet.

Are there ballet slippers at Walmart?

No, you can not. Even if you could, I would not reccomend it, since they need to be fitted. Ballet shoes, although they can be rather expensive, are important and require a good fit. If you know your size (in a ballet shoe) you can order them online. Like at

Where does Alicia Alonso live now?

Alicia Alonso is a Cuban prima ballerina and a choreographer. He began her company Ballet de Cuba in 1955. Alicia Alonso as of July 2013 still lives in Cuba and she still directs in her company, even though she is blind and now in her early nineties.

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