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Q: Can weight lifting cause a hematoma?
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Does ear hematoma spread from cat to cat?

No, but the cause of a hematoma can spread from cat to cat depending on what that cause is.

Does Heavy weight-lifting cause memory loss?

Simply- Of course not.

Can dehydration cause subdural hematoma?


Could subdural hematoma be caused from lifting weights?

It is very unlikely (I would say impossible... but everything is possible). If you are lifting a heavy weight and tensing the muscles in the head, you would pass out long before the strain could pop a blood vessel. Actually that is entirely incorrect it is very possible to cause a hematoma while lifting heavy weights; if the muscles are not prepped for an isotonic contraction and the lift is attempted or even completed at a high weight then the capillary beds can rupture quite easily. One of the worst exercises to cause this are deadlifts, as the lifter begins to fatigue his form can very easily be compromised and if the weight is simply "snatched up" or pulled up without proper prepartion and technique the lifter risks blowing out capillary beds around the distal head of the tricep. I know this from experience, as I am now healing from a hematoma caused by improper form during dead lifts. My anatomy professor who is also a transplant specialist explained how the damage was caused by improper form.

Why does you muscle begin to swell after routine weight lifting?

cause of lactic acid.

Does lifting heavy weights help to gain body mass or gain weight?

Cause you get stronger and thatputs on weight

Is boxing weight lifting?

No, boxing is not weight lifting

Does weight lifting cause more testosterne?

Yesss Do Exercises Like Squats And Deadlifts.

Does weight lifting stop growth of adolescents?

Excessive weight lifting and working out can cause growth deficiencies in adolescents, yes. However working out in moderation is fine and can help muscle and growth development.

Can cutting toenails cause subungal hematoma?

Generally not. A subungal hematoma is a bruise. It is usually caused by hitting the toe.

Does weight lifting in young children cause arm bone problems?

Depends on how young the child is.

What is power in weight lifting?

To be honest, I'm just starting out in weight lifting. But to me, power, as it relates to weight lifting, is the ability to consistently lift a given amount of weight.