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Yes, on top of each other.

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Q: Can two golf balls fit in a golf hole?
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How many golf balls are on the moon?

none. two golf balls were hit by Alan Shepard, they are not on the moon any more.

Foot in the bucket with two balls golf game?

This is a golf game with four man team.

What is the quality of range balls in comparision to standard golf balls?

They are usally high compression very low quality two piece balls.

Health Slocum hit two golf balls into the water on?

The infamous 17th.

In golf a score of two below par for any single hole?


Do golf balls age?

Golf balls do indeed age. They begin to lose their effectiveness after two or three years if stored in a cool, dry place. The shelf life is considered about five years.

What is a two-piece golf ball?

A two piece golf ball has only two parts. The core and the outer cover. These balls tend to be firmer and have a lower spin rate than a three or four piece golf ball.

How many golf carts are needed for a 18 hole golfcourse?

you will need two golf carts if one golf cart runs out of battry life but one golf cart is fine.

What is the number on the golf ball?

The number on golf balls is for identification purposes, if two balls are in the rough or fairway, each player knows which one is theirs. However, balls are mainly numbered 1-4 so additional personal markings are needed.

If a 2 person team enters a 4 person golf scramble how many balls per hole do they get to play?

There is either a two person or a four person scramble, not a two person team in a four person scramble. If it is a two person scramble, each player gets to play their own ball from each location, so two balls. In the four person scramble it is the same thing, so four balls.

Why do golfers wear two shirts when they play golf riddle?

In case they get a hole in one.

Where are golf balls manufactured?

Titleist's main ball manufacturing facility is outside of New Bedford, Massachusetts, USA. There are two facilities that combined produce approximately 1 million Golf balls per day.

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