Can there be a walk in a no hitter?

Updated: 12/24/2022
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Yes. A no hitter, by definition, is a pitched game where no opposing player reaches base by means of a base hit. A walk will break up a perfect game. A perfect game is a pitched game where no opposing player reaches base by any means. A walk or hit by pitch or error ends a perfect game but does not end a no hitter.

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Q: Can there be a walk in a no hitter?
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In Randy Johnson's 1990 no-hitter against the Tigers how many batters did he walk?


If the Hitter is hit by the pitch - is the ball still live?

No, it is automatically a "dead ball." It is just like a walk.

What is a no-hitter in baseball?

A no hitter is a game where the pitcher of one team throws an entire game without letting up a hit

When does a hitting streak end?

When the hitter fails to get a single hit in one game unless they walk him all the times that he was up or gets hits

Is there such thing as a double play in cricket?

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ANSWER: Yes. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Is it still a perfect game if you walk a batter in baseball?

No. It can still be a no hitter. But a perfect game requires the pitcher to retire every batter he or she faces. A perfect game is broken whenever any batter reaches base, including by hit, walk, or error.

Was there ever a baseball game that had a no hitter with walks?

Yes. A no hitter is just that, no hits. There have even been cases where a team has scored in a no hitter. One year the White Sox were called "The Hitless Wonders." A player got on first with a walk, on second with a stolen base, and came home on an error. Situations like that happened a number of times during the season.

When will a walk occur in baseball?

When the hitter is either hit by the pitched ball, or if the pitcher throws four balls in a row, then the batter may proceed to go to first base because he has been walked.

When you want to change the hitter what is the hitter called in baseball?

Pinch Hitter

What are you when you walk three times in baseball?

You are on base three times. You also either have a prettty good batting eye, the pitchers don't have much control, or, you are such a good hitter that the pitcher(s) don't want to pitch to you.

Has a baseball player ever secured a no hitter with a walk-off homer run eg bottom of the ninth tied 0-0 batter hits home run?

No. This is impossible. For his team to win the game in the bottom of the ninth, he would have to have already pitched 9 complete innings. At the point he retired the 27th batter in the top of the 9th, he ALREADY HAD a no-hitter. Whatever happened after that would not affect his no-hitter. If his team had not scored in the bottom of the ninth, and he gave up a hit in the 10th, he STILL pitched a no-hitter. So the home run didn't "secure" anything. The no-hitter was secured the moment he retired the 27th batter in the top of the 9th.

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