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Yes. A no hitter is just that, no hits. There have even been cases where a team has scored in a no hitter. One year the White Sox were called "The Hitless Wonders." A player got on first with a walk, on second with a stolen base, and came home on an error. Situations like that happened a number of times during the season.

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Q: Was there ever a baseball game that had a no hitter with walks?
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What is the fastest baseball pitch high school?

According to the rules of the International Softball Federation (ISF), a perfect game in softball is a statistic credited to a pitcher when he/she completes a game and allows the opposing team no one reaching first base. By international softball rules, a game is considered complete if a team is winning by 20 runs after three innings, 15 after four, or seven after five.

What is the slang word for a hitless baseball game?

No hitter

How can a pitcher throw a perfect game and it not affect the other teams batting average?

a perfect game is a no hitter, but a no hitter is not always a perfect game. do the the fact that a no-hitter can have people get on base by walks and errors, and a perfect game has nobody get on base by any means.

What is the diffrance no hitter and pirfict game?

A no hitter means the opposing team didn't get a hit, but still allows for base runners to reach on walks and errors. A perfect game means no one on the opposing team made it on base for any reason. No hits, no walks, no errors.

CAn a pitcher be credited with a no hit game if he walks the batters?

No. By definition, a no hitter is when the other team fails to get on first base at all. YES!, A NO HITTER means he gave up no hits, a shut out means he have up no runs, a PERFECT GAME is no runs, no hits. BUT what is no runs, no hits and no walks? or no hits, no runs, no walks and nobody on base ?

Who is the greatest hitter ever?

Teddy ball game AKA: Ted Williams

What is the most double plays by a hitter in one baseball game?


How many walks in a baseball game?

As many walks that a pitcher will allow. Most Baseball games usually have 2-4. But it really is more a random number

How many kids can play in a game of baseball?

8 fielders and 1 hitter

When has a baseball game played under protest ever been replayed?

the pine tar game is the only game ever overturned

How can you pitch a no hitter and lose?

A pitcher can pitch a no-hitter, meaning the opposing team has no hits in the entire game while the pitcher throws a complete game, and still lose by way of walks, errors, and other means of unearned runs.

Did the man that wrote Take you Out to the Ball Game ever see a baseball game?

No he did not!